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Algebra DEX Engine Unveils ‘Integral’: The New Protocol is to rival Uniswap V4

Algebra Protocol is a DEX engine embraced by 25 DEXes including QuickSwap, THENA, Camelot. Now it has evolved even further, adopting ‘Integral’ Modular Architecture and allowing DEXes to compete with Uniswap V4 – thanks to introducing Plugins, reducing gas costs and optimizing the update process. The brand-new technology was launched on October 17th on the Mantle Blockchain through Swapsicle DEX.

Key Highlights of ‘Integral’:

Modular Architecture & Gas Efficiency: ‘Integral’ boasts a modular architecture, ensuring seamless functionality and reducing gas costs by 10-20% on average compared to Uniswap V3 (and up to 80% in some cases). This approach allows for a more efficient and cost-effective DeFi trading experience.

Immutable Core + Plugins: same to V4, the protocol’s lightweight core, including a set of the most necessary functions, combined with customizable Plugins, offers flexibility without large-scale and expensive updates. These plugins integrate with the core platform functions and enable easier updates and customization. Unlike UniV4 Hooks, Integral’s Plugins can be updated or changed within an existing pool, eliminating the need to create new pools and reducing unnecessary liquidity migration.

Plugin Authorisation & Control: while being an ecosystem, open for Plugins by independent developers, ‘Integral’ places a strong emphasis on security by delegating authorization and Plugin deployment decisions to the administration and community of the DEX platform. This approach ensures a higher level of trust and accountability of the platform and sets it apart from Uniswap V4, where Hooks can be launched by any developer. However, associating a pool with an updatable Plugin is optional: the community can keep the Plugin also immutable.

Ready-to-Use Plugin Offerings: ‘Integral’ provides a default set of base plugins that can be instantly utilized upon release, ensuring users have immediate access to a diverse set of functionalities for their trading needs. The bundle includes Limit Orders, TWAP-Oracle, Volatility-Oracle, Dynamic Fees and Onchain Farmings.

Single Pair Pools: To combat liquidity fragmentation, ‘Integral’ maintains Algebra’s tradition of creating one pool per each token pair. Unlike Uniswap V4, which requires creating a new pool for each new feature, this strategy optimizes liquidity routing, providing users with enhanced market efficiency.

Swapsicle Brings ‘Integral’ to Mantle & Telos: Algebra DEX Engine is already embraced by 25 DEXes. Now Integral’s advanced technology has caught the attention of Swapsicle, which is now the pioneer of modular approach, utilizing ‘Integral’ on Mantle blockchain & Telos. On the Telos Network, Swapsicle, backed by Integral, has already amassed over $850K of TVL in less than two days, and that’s just the beginning.

The number of DEXes adopted Algebra engine is sure will be growing in the near future.

In Conclusion:

Algebra Engine’s ‘Integral’ protocol brings a new era of decentralized trading, offering advanced features and unparalleled efficiency to the DeFi ecosystem. By addressing liquidity fragmentation, reducing gas costs, and providing flexible plugin capabilities, ‘Integral’ aims to reshape the DEX landscape.


For media inquiries, please contact Adam Adamov at [email protected]. For more information on Algebra DEX Engine and ‘Integral,’ please visit and or refer to the provided contacts.