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A Comprehensive Insight into ITs Corn Meme Token

From Doge’s Shiba Inu to Wojak’s emotive illustrations, memes have found a prominent place in the cryptocurrency market. The latest addition to this burgeoning category is ITs Corn token, inspired by Recess Therapy’s viral YouTube video, “It’s Corn!” amassing over 11 million views. 

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This article dives deep into the various aspects of ITs Corn token, elucidating its features, tokenomics, and distinctive characteristics.

The Genesis of ITs Corn Token

Born from the popularity of a viral video, ITs Corn transcends mere amusement. As a deflationary meme token, it encapsulates real-world value through blockchain technology. This innovative cryptocurrency not only ensures fast and secure transactions but also embodies a vibrant community of meme enthusiasts, highlighting the playful and creative facets of both cryptocurrency and memes.

ITs Corn token can be accessed on leading platforms such as Pancakeswap, Dexview, Poocoin, Gecko Terminal, and Dexcheck. The project’s growth trajectory includes an anticipated listing on CoinMarketCap during the 5th phase, showcasing the team’s ambition and forward-thinking approach.

Engaging Features of ITs Corn Token

1. Governance: Empowering the community, ITs Corn provides token holders with an active role in decision-making processes. They can propose and influence critical developments, fostering collaboration and shared ownership.

2. Staking: Holder rewards through staking encourage long-term participation. Transaction fees are redistributed among holders, establishing a dynamic ecosystem where engagement translates to benefits.

3. Liquidity Provision: Strategic liquidity management ensures smooth trading experiences. A designated portion of each transaction fee supports liquidity, reinforcing market stability.

What Sets ITs Corn Token Apart

The creators of ITs Corn have implemented two critical innovations:

1. Anti-Whale Measures: By capping the number of tokens held in a wallet and transacted in a single operation, these measures curb the undue influence of large holders, maintaining market integrity.

2. Anti-Rug Features: Protections against fraudulent activities like rug pulling have been diligently integrated. These measures encompass Liquidity locking, ownership renunciation, Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, Authorized Market Access, Community Governance, thorough Code Audits, and Transparency through Open-Source Code and Timelock Mechanisms.

Tokenomics Overview

Total Supply: 100 Billion

Allocated to LP after ICO: 30 Billion

Locked with Dxsale: 15%

Reward Fee: 2%

Liquidity Fee: 2%

Tax Fee: 2%                                                                                          


ITs Corn token is more than just a meme-based cryptocurrency. With its robust features, diligent security measures, community-centred approach, and innovative fusion of memes and finance, it offers a refreshing take on the crypto world. The alignment of playful creativity with serious technology represents the exciting possibilities in the constantly evolving landscape of digital currency.

For an in-depth exploration and updates on ITs Corn token, visit the official website at

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