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7 Tools Every Software Developer Should Have

  1. Programming is not easy, and it is the most challenging task for programmers to spend hours translating complicated concepts into usable output. Additionally, programming is a mentally demanding occupation that demands complete concentration. And do you b hu elieve that you can focus on a task while everyone and everything is trying to kill you?

Programmer workstation arrangement is made incredibly easy with gadgets for programmers. Programmers use web development technologies like ASP or PHP to develop database-driven websites.

Programmers can love their work and be very productive if they have the most significant office supplies and the appropriate development devices. This post will discuss a few of the top tech tools for programmers in 2022 that will enable you to work creatively.

Top 7 Tech Tools for Programmers in 2022

Here is a list of the top tools and libraries that any programmer and software engineer should become familiar with without spending any more of your time. Learning them improves your skills as a software professional and is necessary for software development.

  1. For Database Interaction, Use SQL

The language used to interact with the database is called SQL, or Standard Query Language. You can read, update, and remove data from tables using SQL. Every programmer should become proficient in this additional programming language or technology.

Thorough knowledge of SQL is essential for programmers since databases are used extensively in the real world.

A programmer should be able to build sophisticated queries employing join, aggregate functions, subqueries, and other advanced functionality and be familiar with fundamental commands like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.

  1. Containerized Using Docker

Docker is a game-changing tool since it makes running any application simpler. With Docker, you have a process that runs on every system and is your own.

You can quickly deploy a Java Microservice or C++ application using Docker images and containers, and you can grow them since they are as easy to use as starting a process.

With Docker, you have a simple, scalable procedure, peace of mind, and no more concern over-dependent libraries, dependent runtimes like Java, NET, or Node, or even operating system requirements like RHEL 5 or RHEL 7. Docker is a must-learn technology for any coder.

  1. Container Orchestration using Kubernetes

This is a different technology that has become popular in cloud computing because it is simple to scale an application. The days of purchasing a server, installing infrastructure on it, and then spending weeks deploying your apps are long gone.

You can quickly scale up and down your application with Kubernetes and Docker to accommodate a traffic spike while saving money when traffic returns to normal.

By automating the scaling process, Kubernetes expands on what Docker offers, making it a popular tool in today’s cloud-native environment.

  1. Version Management and Code Storage with Git

Any programmer or software developer must have a solid understanding of source control since they must verify code daily. Additionally, you should be familiar with more complex ideas like branching and merging to improve as a developer.

Git and GitHub represent the modern world’s source control repositories and version control solutions. This is now the most crucial tool for a coder. Thus, I advise everyone to understand Git and GitHub properly.

  1. IDE [VS Code] and Text Editors

Software engineers handle a lot of text. Thus, being familiar with a text editor is usually beneficial. One text editor should be somewhat standard for every coder.

Apart from Note Pad, a fantastic, widely used basic text editor, I advise programmers to become familiar with more complex text editors like VS Code or NotePad++.

  1. Computer commands

Linux commands are a crucial programming tool, much like SQL. Every programmer must work on UNIX at some point, and many of us do so on Linux machines most of the time.

If you are proficient with Linux commands, you can locate what you’re looking for, understand what’s happening with the computer, and resolve any problems with your Linux-based program.

Every programmer has to be proficient with Linux commands; if you are not, you should take the time to learn them, especially if you want to explore Linux.

  1. Testing the Postman [API]

Postman is essential for testing and experimenting with APIs in today’s API-centric environment. Postman is the ideal tool for testing APIs, whether designing a REST API or a GraphQL API. You need to connect to the API and explore it before creating clients for it or publishing it to the client.

You may submit GET, POST, or any other HTTP request, add headers and request parameters, and thoroughly evaluate the result using the Postman client GUI or Chrome extension.