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2nd Finance Digitalisation Forum 2024

The Finance Digitalisation Forumis a 2-day event scheduled to take place in London, UK from January 29 to January 30, 2024.

Join us at the Finance Digitalisation Forum, a premier event focused on the transformation of finance functions in the digital era. This summit brings together finance leaders, industry experts, and technology innovators to explore the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in leveraging digital technologies for finance excellence. Gain valuable insights into process automation, change management, data analytics, and the future role of finance professionals.

Key Sessions:

  • FINANCE AND TAX MANAGEMENT TRANSFORMATION: Simplifying and centralising the organisational structure to reflect an end-to-end vision of Finance, including through tax and finance automation.
  • ACCELERATING AND OPTIMISING FINANCE OPERATIONS: Bringing functional AR strategies directly to your business.
  • BRINGING FUNCTIONAL AR STRATEGIES DIRECTLY TO YOUR BUSINESS: How to deal with control systems in the new ways of working.
  • IMPROVING COMPLIANCE & TRANSPARENCY: Using RPA to help automate rules – based activity, reduce production operations, freeing resources for more analytics and decision support activities.
  • HOW TO WORK WITH FINANCE DATA: Driving compliance to company data standards, finance policies and increased efficiency.
  • LEAN FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: Simplifying, streamlining, and harmonising essential finance processes.

Discover the full agenda here.

The event features distinguished speakers including:

  • Anwar Mirza, Data Strategy and Governance at FedEx Express, Netherlands
  • Armand Angeli, Vice-President Digital Transformation and International Groupsat DFCG
  • Lucian Moroeanu, Head of Digital Finance Software Development Hub at Renault
  • Selman Bava, Head of Corporate Performance, Reporting & Tax and Business Intelligence at Vodafone
  • Huiming Chen, Commercial CFO – Europe at Illumina
  • Lyakath Mohammed, Director – Intelligent Analytics & Innovation at Ericsson, among others.

For more information, please contact Melini Hadjitheori at [email protected] or visit the event website.