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Yuga Lab’s New Bitcoin-Based NFT Collection Causes Quite a Stir!

Yuga Labs has recently revealed its TwelveFold NFT collection on the Bitcoin blockchain network, featuring 300 generative NFT artworks.

Recent Developments in the NFT Space 

NFTs are back and making a splash in the crypto world, thanks to the recent emergence of the Blur marketplace. In such a short period, Blur has outdone some established giants such as OpenSea to become a prominent online NFT marketplace. Not to be left behind, Yuga Labs had also created the popular NFT Collection known as Bored Ape Yacht Club, further increasing interest and attention on NFTs.

Yuga Labs has just unveiled its new TwelveFold Collection, an expansive set of 300 cryptocurrency-based digital artwork pieces based on the Bitcoin blockchain. This unique NFT line-up is an exploration of generative art that promises to revolutionize the digital art landscape.

Yuga Labs have yet to announce when the event will take place and have notified that they will give 24 hours notice prior to the mint. They will also hold an auction for this collection, later this week. 


Yuga Labs goes for the Bitcoin Blockchain

Yuga Labs have taken a bold step and impressed everybody by launching their TwelveFold NFT collection on the Bitcoin blockchain, instead of selecting the Ethereum blockchain or any other Layer-1 alternative which are the typical choice for important players in the crypto space. 

The unveiling of this fresh TwelveFold NFT collection become quite a surprise for various nft-enthusiasts, as previously Yuga Labs haven’t shown much interest in the nft space. This TwelveFold collection of NFTs will be unchangeable and also will be securely stored on the blockchain. To successfully acquire a TwelveFold NFT, bidders must place the top bid in the upcoming auction later this week.

Furthermore, Yuga Labs also released Dookey Dash – a skill-based NFT game, last month.  Additionally, the company saw a major change at the management level in Jan 2023, with co-founder Wylie Aronow stepping down from his duties.