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What Is DeFi?

Smart contracts for ICO made a real splash at the time. That method of collecting money has long remained the main, but not the only advantage of the blockchain. Technologies are still developing at a rapid pace, and now it’s time for a new era called decentralized finance.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a set of blockchain protocols that allow you to provide financial services without the participation of traditional centralized intermediaries, such as brokers and crypto exchanges.  These services are integrated into a single network, offering users services that are usually provided by banks and other financial organizations.

Key Advantages of DeFi

DeFi is a relatively new and not yet well-established area in the cryptocurrency infrastructure, but the following points deserve users’ attention:

1.  Transparency. The DeFi source codes applications and smart contracts are open, and everyone can view them for bugs and operability.

2.  Anonymity and security. All transactions in the DeFi sphere are anonymous.

3.  Public availability. To use DeFi, people only need to have a certain amount of coins on their crypto wallet and be connected to the Internet.

4.  Ease of use. DeFi offers flexible conditions for users. If the client doesn’t like the interface of any application, they can use a third-party service or create their design.

In the DeFi sphere, you can do the same actions as in CeFi (centralized finance), but faster and cheaper, because there’s no intermediary in the form of a bank, hedge fund, stock exchange, etc. Here, everyone makes smart contracts that can work around the clock

Modern DeFi.Watch Tool is a convenient analytical tool for investors in decentralized finance. Projects in the DeFi ecosystem are like building blocks: they are compatible and often stand on top of each other, creating limitless possibilities for use. At the same time, decentralized finance is too fragmented and difficult to navigate, which can be a problem for novice investors.

Therefore, the main task of the portal is to assemble the parts of the DeFi ecosystem in one place and under one user-friendly interface. The platform offers its clients two key values: a liquidity pool aggregator and a personal portfolio tracker.

In the DeFi dashboard section, there are 15000+ DeFi pools of various projects. At the moment, 19 blockchains and more than 40 decentralized exchanges (DEX) and lending protocols are available in Defi.Watch. A feature of the dashboard is the ability to sort pools by several key criteria: remuneration, commission, liquidity volume, APR, and its chart of changes over the past 7 days.

DeFi blog is a great option for those who want to start investing in decentralized finance and don’t know how to do it. Learn more about the new tool and take full advantage of the features offered!