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Vitalik Buterin Contributes 1,500 ETH to Ukraine’s Defense Efforts

Buterin has shown his willingness to put his money in the middle of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which started at the end of February. Buterin, in particular, has donated 1,500 ether (ETH) to Ukraine after publicly condemning Russia’s aggression for more than a month.

Buterin has donated 750 ETH to the Unchain Fund, a non-profit organization comprised of Ukrainian blockchain activists. Buterin also contributed the same amount (750 ETH) to “Aid For Ukraine,” a joint effort with the Ukrainian government, FTX, and others.

The aforementioned figure is now worth $4.8 million. This is one of the most recent gifts from high-profile cryptocurrency contributors to Ukraine. Ukraine has yet to declare its total cryptocurrency donations, but the country’s goal has been to raise $200 million from bitcoin alone by the end of March.

A new digital development department is cooperating on the actual application of Ukraine’s tax and civil codes relevant to the intricacies of a virtual asset taxation procedure, which is essential for full support of the virtual asset market.

Cryptography is used by the Ukrainian army

Since the start of the war, cryptos have proved to be a major means of transporting funds for the Ukrainian military. About $60 million has been deposited into the Ukrainian military’s crypto fund since March 22.

Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation, announced on April 6 that the Crypto Fund of Ukraine had purchased a subdistrict for the Ukrainian military for $3,8 million USD, with a quarter of it already deployed to the frontlines.