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Top USA NFT Telegram Group

Non-fungible tokens, or USA nft telegram group, are growing every day at a rapid speed. Especially after the pandemic, its popularity has exploded in the entire digital market.  If we talk about In the value of NFT, in the year 2021 alone, it was nearly about $41 billion. 

Furthermore, NFT experts also accept that the NFT will be the necessary element in the metaverse. Additionally, NFTs have proven to be highly profitable in the upcoming years. So, if you are amazed by these numbers and want to learn about NFT, then you should follow these Top USA NFT Telegram Group. That would help you to learn more about the NFT and crypto markets.

List Of 10 Best USA NFT Telegram Group

NameGroup MembersStarting YearAbout
OpenSea13K2017OpenSea is the first and largest decentralized NFT and crypto-collectibles marketplace.
Colexion31K2021Colexion describes itself as a marketplace of exclusive celebrity-based licensed NFTs.
9D NFT Official Global55.5K20209D NFT is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.
NFT Room – Public4.5K2015NFT Room – Public is a Telegram group for discussing NFT projects and items.
Binance NFTs125K2017Binance NFTs discusses NFTs within the ecosystem of Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.
NFT Artists & Buyers7502016The group welcomes creators, collaborators, traders, and sales front.
NFTCommunity28K2018NFTCommunity is for people who want to discover new NFT projects or showcase their own.
NFT Discussion7K2015If you want to simply discover new NFTs or participate in contests and giveaways, join NFT Discussion.
NFT & Metaverse News Global9K2020NFT & Metaverse News Global is one of the most reliable communities on NFTs.
NFT Art & Artists5.6K2017NFT Art & Artists seeks to help the NFT art community grow.