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Top USA NFT Subreddits

With the growing popularity of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), it could be a bit challenging to decide and choose which the USA nft subreddits. we should invest. Now, if we talk about OpenSea, more than 2 million collections represent over 80 million unique NFTs. Furthermore, in 2021, more than 44 billion dollars were spent on NFTs.

If you are also impressed by the increased number of NFTs, you should know about the latest trends. For that, you can follow the Top USA NFT Subreddits mentioned below.

List Of 10 Best USA NFT Subreddits

NameStarting YearGroup MembersAbout
NFTExchange201542KNFTExhange is the community where you can check out information about Awesome NFT’s and hot giveaways.
CryptoArt202112Kdiscussing and sharing Crypto-art and NFT-Art.
NFTmarket20189KNFTmaret is a community where the users discuss and trade and exchange NFT Tokens.
NFTstocks20175.2KNFTstocks subreddit is a hub for all NFT-related stocks
NFT’sMarketplace2014135kNFTsMarketplace subreddit is a place where you can buy, sell, promote and learn more about NFT’s.
Axie Infinity202094KAxie Infinity is a game inspired by Pokemon, Similarly, you can collect and raise a fantasy creature called Axie.
NFT2017272KThe NFT subreddit is the place for those who are interested in NON-Fungible Tokens.
NFTgiveaway20195.5KNFTgiveaway subreddit is where you can able to find free NFT giveaways.
Decentraland201672KDecentraland is a blockchain-based virtual reality world and its community-driven Metaverse, powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.
OpenSea201677KOpenSea is the first and largest NFT marketplace where you can buy