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Top USA Influencers On Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform where we can share where we can connect with a large audience and share our thoughts, ideas, and views about what is going on in the world. Most celebrities like athletes, politicians, actors, etc. are followed by the audience, and people comment on their opinions which they have tweeted. We are now discussing the best USA influencers of twitter

Reason, why Twitter is followed religiously, is that this is a good platform where you can get access to the latest news and trend that is going on in the world. People also follow trending hashtags to support or oppose something happening worldwide. We have mentioned a top USA Influencer on Twitter that you must follow.

List Of 10 Best USA Influencers On Twitter

NameFollowersContentNeth Worth
NebraskanGooner39khis co-ownership of Elevate Trading, any cryptocurrency investor5M
KoroushAK399knalysis frequently to help traders assess the market10M
Cameron Winklevoss465kin-depth and accurate technical analyses of both DeFi and crypto markets1.5B
Erik Voorhees599krypto markets, NFTs and DeFi, and retweets information multiple times each day11M
SushiSwap223.4kLong before most people had heard of Bitcoin14M
DCinvestor.eth209kDCinvestor.eth makes our list of top NFT influencers on Twitter in 2022 because he has the most diversified NFT portfolio in the world100M
Brett Malinowski199kBret Malinowski has been contributing to the NFT space in numerous ways for a long time now10M
Beanie183kAnother guy that makes it to our list of Top NFT Influencers on Twitter in 2022 is Beanie20M
seedphrase. eth175kWith the rarest collection of 564 NFTs, Seedpharse makes our list of the best NFT influencers.5M
Richerd. eth176kAdding another Cryptopunk owner to our list of top NFT influencers should not be surprising.50M