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Top USA DeFi YouTube Channels

Decentralized finance is gaining popularity among crypto investors as it is not connected with centralized finance systems in any way. This is why more investors and people are showing their interest in it. Moreover, with the help of these Defi projects, people can get help in some financial services like insurance and loans, just like traditional financial systems. We are now discussing the best USA Defi youtube channels

Additionally, the DeFi projects are also considered to be an important part of any diversified investment plan. Furthermore, it becomes a bit challenging for us to stay updated with the top DeFi projects in such a fast blockchain environment. That’s why we are here to help you with the top USA DeFi YouTube Channels.

List Of 10 Best USA Crypto Influencers

NameTotal ViewSubscriberAbout
Zapper85,8054.39Kcryptocurrency, covering decentralized finance, layer2 technology, web3 infrastructure, NFTs, governance
Crypto Cousins83,5751.3KCrypto Cousins is a fun and informative channel that covers all things crypto, including DeFi.
DeFi Dad690,41432.7KThe DeFi Dad name is well-known to anyone searching for top Defi YouTube channels for knowledge.
99Bitcoins35,159,578708KThe creator of the channel takes on some difficult DeFi topics and tries to simplify them so he can teach his viewers something new!
Aaron Bennette45,1461.23KDeFi is the perfect place for anyone who wants real-time updates about crypto regulation and other important developments in this industry.
DeFi Weekly232,9839.54Kit has important videos about the DeFi space.
Benjamin Cowen84,495,084766Kchannel is dedicated to prognosis, the outlook on the future of the crypto space, and the current happenings in the DeFi world.
Boxmining18,118,278269KBoxmining is one of the most popular DeFi YouTube channels out there.
Decentralized TV80,97364.6KDecentralized TV is a newer channel that’s quickly gaining popularity in the DeFi space.
The DeFi Guy797,79334.3Kprovide helpful guides and tutorials on getting started in DeFi, as well as detailed discussions on the latest projects.