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Top USA DeFi Subreddits

Reddit has more than 52 million daily active users. It has become a popular social media platform for updating the latest trends worldwide. For those who are not aware of Subreddits, it is a smaller community that is focused on a particular topic. If you are interested in USA defi subreddits, then Subreddit could be a good platform. 

Furthermore, it would also help you if you are looking for guidance about the token’s price from the experts. But as the popularity of DeFi and subreddits increases, there are chances that you may find a lot of fake profiles that may not be good for you. Hence, we have mentioned below a few Top USA DeFi Subreddits that are worth following. 

List Of 10 Best USA DeFi Subreddits

NameStarting YearGroup MembersAbout
r/ethstaker201644KA community for investors, traders, users, developers, and others to discuss the Ethereum Proof of Stake consensus algorithm.
r/ledgerwallet201528KLedger is one of the best hardware wallets, and you can learn how members store their cryptocurrency safely.
r/Stellar2021111KStellar is a decentralized app that allows you to spend money in the world, and the technology has been gaining traction in the industry.
r/CryptoCurrencyTrading202067.2KAll coins are fair game here and it’s the perfect place to learn about trading strategies, digital exchanges and crypto wallets.
r/icocrypto201772.3KThis is an extremely passionate community focused on ICOs, token sales and crowdsales for blockchain and data chain technologies.
r/defi2017103KHere you can discuss project ideas, articles, events, questions, support, and other topics related to DeFi development.
r/tezos201871KTezos is a decentralized blockchain for assets and applications that can evolve by upgrading itself.
r/blockchain20151.6MWhile this used to be one of the biggest communities on reddit, the community has gone private and aren’t accepting new members.
r/CoinBase201755KCoinbase was one of the first crypto exchanges, and has a solid community where people talk markets and trades.
r/Ripple2020218KRipple was one of the first cryptocurrencies outside bitcoin to get popular.