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Top Crypto Influencers In San Diego

A crypto influencer in San Diego with the power to influence cryptocurrency prices, convince the public to buy and trade them, or spread knowledge about blockchain technology and digital currencies. Crypto guru is another name for cryptocurrency influencers. Even though some influencers use different types of platforms, Twitter is the most popular where most of the interaction takes place.

Because of the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and the influence of social media, crypto influencers are now able to share regular accounts of the cryptocurrency market. The leading crypto influencers in San Diego. Finding the right people to explain cryptocurrencies might be a challenging situation. 

List of 10 Best San Diego Crypto Influencers

Kevin Weil72kvice president of facebook's Calibra project.Physics and mathematics from Harvard University
Efi Pylarinou9kindependent Fintech/Blockchain advisorUniversity of Tennessee-Knoxville University of Patras
Paul Vigna34kWall Street JournalFairfield University
Kevin Werbach27kAmerican academic, businessman and author.University of California at Berkeley
Bruce Fenton53khost and founderBentley University
Brock Pierce64kAmerican entrepreneurUniversity of Southern California
Jerry Brito20kresearch focuses on technology and Internet policy, copyright, and the regulatory process.George Mason University
Kyle Torpey45kVICE Motherboard, Business Insider, NASDAQ,University of Life
Vlad Zamfir59kKasireddy is the pioneer behind DappCampUniversity of Guelph
Adryenn Ashley74,000entrepreneur, speaker, and investorThe Johns Hopkins University


Due to its visual nature and streamlined algorithm to suit the needs of those engaging in influencer marketing, social media networks like Instagram are the go-to websites of influencers for cryptocurrency. Here, you can read about the top crypto influencers in San Diego.