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Top NFT Influencers on Twitter

For newcomers, Non-fungible tokens or NFTs could be difficult to understand. Thanks to the numerous NFT Influencers on Twitter who actively post about the latest news and trends in the crypto market on their Twitter accounts. Some special features of Twitter, like showing off the user’s tokens in their profile, also attracts people.

These NFT influencers on Twitter actively post useful tips to grow in the crypto world. So if you want to stay updated with the latest news and trend in NFTs, then you can also follow these influencers. We have mentioned a few Top NFT Influencers on Twitter that you can follow, which are also reliable.

List Of 10 Best NFT Influencers on Twitter

NameFollowersAboutNeth Worth
Gary Vaynerchuck3.1MGary Vee is a successful serial entrepreneur and one of the early observers of NFTs200M
Pranksy428kPranksy’s reputation as one of the best NFT influencers on Twitter in 2022120M
6529 Cryptopunk389kThe owner of the Cryptopunk #6529 and much more valuable NFTs gained popularity9.5M
gmoney.eth283kGmoney is a Puerto Rico- based NFT collector, investor, and Influencer1.4M
Cozomo de’ Medici265kCozomo de’ Medici recently gained a lot of popularity on social media after he tweeted about his top NFT mints and trades.17M
DCinvestor.eth209kDCinvestor.eth makes our list of top NFT influencers on Twitter in 2022 because he has the most diversified NFT portfolio in the world100M
Brett Malinowski199kBret Malinowski has been contributing to the NFT space in numerous ways for a long time now10M
Beanie183kAnother guy that makes it to our list of Top NFT Influencers on Twitter in 2022 is Beanie20M
seedphrase. eth175kWith the rarest collection of 564 NFTs, Seedpharse makes our list of the best NFT influencers.5M
Richerd. eth176kAdding another Cryptopunk owner to our list of top NFT influencers should not be surprising.50M