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Top DeFi Influencers On Instagram

Crypto market has become the next home to many investors in the past few years. The investing and trend in cryptocurrencies is also rapidly increased. People are moving towards DeFi influencers on instagram because it doesn’t have any connection with the centralized financial system, which means not connected with the government. 

Experts are estimating the growth of DeFi that would reach the global sending of around 19 billion dollars by the year 2024. With this bright future, undoubtedly, more people will start investing in the upcoming days. To help these people, we have mentioned a few top DeFi influencers On Instagram that would help you grow.

List Of 10 Best DeFi Influencers On Instagram

NameFollowersAboutStarting Year
Brekkie Von Bitcoin17ka crypto trading platform for automated Bitcoin purchases and savings management.2015
Irene Zhao436kZhao is easily one of the most influential Internet celebrities in Singapore2012
ShareCrypto404kZhao has always been exposed to investments and emerging technologies due to her finance job outside of influencer marketing2016
Lil bubble12.5kLil Bubble also shares their enthusiasm for the metaverse and various NFT collectibles on Instagram.2014
The Bearable Bull45.8kThe Bearable Bull has been among the most respected influencers and advocates for cryptocurrency2016
gmoneynft44.9kMore of an NFT guru than a crypto influencer, Gmoney is making waves in the crypto space2012
BitBoy Crypto456kBen Armstrong, popularly known as BitBoy Crypto, is a crypto enthusiast with a huge following on Instagram.2016
Crypto Finally11.8kCrypto in media, the Bitcoin market, NFT gaming, and investment portfolios are some of the topics she discusses in-depth.2016
Crypto Jebb17.8ka course dedicated to building your confidence in analyzing trends and smart investing2013
Freddie Finance25.1kHe is also an avid supporter of NFTs, sharing his collection on his Instagram Highlights.2019