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Top Crypto Twitter Influencers

Twitter is undoubtedly a vast platform for connecting with a wide audience. You can share and receive information about anything with the help of this social media platform. Many people all over the world are influenced by Crypto World. Even on Twitter, you will find a lot many crypto twitter influencers sharing information about trending news about the Crypto market, which makes it a bit difficult for the audience to track what is reliable and trustworthy. 

So if you are also interested in Cryptocurrency and Twitter, then you are at the right place. We have mentioned a few To Crypto Twitter Influencers that you can follow to stay updated.

List Of 10 Best Crypto Twitter Influencers

Dan Tapiero678ksoftware for investors in cryptocurrencies, offering interest-bearing accounts, credit, and tradingGBI
Zac Prince65kportfolio manager as well as analyst for a variety of reputable investors, including Michael SteinhardtBlockFi
Dan Morehead767kchange the conversation around blockchain and make it more approachablePantera Capital
Joyce Kim545kentrepreneur and venture capitalistStellar
Naval Ravikant57khigh-quality content on a variety of topics, including cryptocurrencyAI decision-making enterprise
Su Zhu75kleading TV shows such as Fox News and GBN New, where she provides her insights into finance Three Arrows Capital Ltd
Michael Egorov534kuse crypto as it consolidates DeFi companies together in one placeCurve Finance's
Brandon Chez567klargest crypto holders, with a portfolio that is worth billions in USD.CoinMarketCap
Peter Smith77kopen payment network using blockchain to bridge global and digital currencies and assetsChainlink
Gavin Andresen654kwhich guides pension funds, endowments, and affluent individualsMessari