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Top Crypto TikTok Influencers

TikTok has more than a billion active users all over the world. Today, it has become the most used Social Media Platforms. Initially, people used to make and upload videos on TikTok for entertainment, but now it has also become a good platform to share educational videos. Hence we have mentioned a few Top Crypto TikTok Influencers that are worth following. 

If you are a Crypto investor and want to know more about the Crypto world, then TikTok could be a good platform for you. However, you will find many videos on Crypto, which could confuse you in choosing the right one. People who follow TikTok can see such kinds of DIY and academic and educational videos that help you learn something different every day.

List Of 10 Best Crypto TikTok Influencers

NameFollowerscontentedSchedule Post
cryptoprojects1.4MGrimace Coin, Talent Coin, PeaSwap, and Litedex.4 post / day
cryptomasun1.1Mhelpful insights, nifty investment advice, and witty humor5 post / day
nft degen1.3Mnew crypto and NFT projects2 post / day
crypto review883kBaby Luna Project, Topioca Town NFT, the RAND Network, and Shib SpaceX INU4 post / day
cryptocita705kcrypto investing and the latest trends in the industry2 post / day
cryptokang.reborn399kserious crypto investments or an inane topic totally unrelated to crypto4 post / day
nftwhalemedia327kNFT niche crypto enthusiast NFT Whale Media on TikTok2 post / day
virtualbacon271kseasoned investor and a financial analyst6 post / day
thewolfofbitcoins250kBitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies in the market5 post / day
cryptowendyo241ktrading and analyses on technical crypto matters4 post / day