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Top Crypto Influencers on Twitter

Crypto is growing and making records with every passing year. Cryptocurrency has existed in the market for so long, but it has only gained popularity in recent years. Therefore, people want to learn more about it and invest in Cryptocurrencies. 

Many crypto influencers crypto Influencers on Twitter share their crypto success stories and experiences on any social media platform. For example, these crypto experts tweet about the latest information and trends on Twitter. So, if you also want to be in contact with these experts, you can follow them on Twitter and learn from them.

List Of 10 Best Crypto Influencers on Twitter

NameFollowerscontentedSchedule Post
Rachel Siegel163krypto enthusiast, doubling up as an advisor with a verified knack in Bitcoin5 post / day
Girl Gone Crypto147ktrading ideas and garnering high engagement1 post / day
Crypto Boss129kthe technical analyst shares his trading view, financial advice4 post / day
The CryptoMist103.9kinfluencer possesses various skills around, content creation, trading, and advisors3 post / day
Gibsoon Corp84kchange the conversation around blockchain and make it more approachable2 post / day
Brock Pierce88kentrepreneur and venture capitalist3 post / day
Sheldon Evans315khigh-quality content on a variety of topics, including cryptocurrency4 post / day
Layah Heilpern227kleading TV shows such as Fox News and GBN New, where she provides her insights into finance 2 post / day
Nicholas Merten114kuse crypto as it consolidates DeFi companies together in one place1 post / day
Brad Garlinghouse631kcryptocurrencies to educate followers on blockchain technology4 post / day