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Top Crypto Influencers In Washington

With each passing day, Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity. Every day we read or see a lot of new articles about investments and trading in Crypto or some trending news about CryptoCurrency. We are now discussing the best crypto influences in Washington.

Even after these many facilities, people are still confused about Crypto trading and investing in it. Cryptocurrency influencers can be an approachable, fun source for those who may not quite understand confusing crypto concepts.

List Of 10 Best Washington Crypto Influencers

Kai Grunwitz25kSenior Vice President EMEA of NTT Security.University of Mannheim
Willy Woo600kentrepreneur and investor following the bitcoin space and mindfulnesshonours degree in Engineering
Muneeb Ali356ktechnical advisor to the HBO show Silicon Valley.Princeton University.
Linda Xie73kManaging Director of Scalar Capital.University of California of San Diego
Aaron van Wirdum36kfreelance journalist writing about the bitcoin/blockchain space.Utrecht University
Gavin Andresen28ksoftware developer best known for his involvement with bitcoin.Princeton University
Peter Wuille273kBitcoin like BIP 66, libsecp256k1, and Segregated Witness.University of Leuven
Trace Mayer37kentrepreneur, investor, journalist, monetary scientist, podcast hostCalifornia Western School of Law
Peter Van Valkenburgh24kResearch at Coin Center and Board Member at the Zcash Foundation.George Mason University
Alex Van De Sande28kthe lead designer for the Ethereum Foundation and Ethereum DevelopmentDropout of University of San Andrés


At this time, finding a reliable source of crypto information has become difficult or, say, challenging. Therefore, it is very important to find a trustworthy source or person you can follow for your investments. Here we have a list of top Washington Crypto Influencers that will help you in Crypto Trading.