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Top BitCoin Twitter Influencers

Cryptocurrency might sound very tempting, but we can not avoid it being risky. Especially for beginners, as they do not have much experience and idea about trading and secure transactions in Crypto. If you also want to stay up to date, we suggest you follow these top BitCoin Twitter Influencers.

This is the reason why we can find a lot many Crypto and BitCoin Influencers on Twitter.Twitter helps beginners as well as experienced crypto investors to grow in digital trading. With the help of their tweets, these influencers share the information with multiple people simultaneously. 

List Of 10 Best Bitcoin Twitter Influencers

NameFollowerscontentedSchedule Post
Scott Melker46kNorth American Influencer of the Year by the Binance cryptocurrency exchange2 post / day
Rekt Capital393kcryptocurrency analysis, particularly for those who are new to crypto investing3 post / day
NebraskanGooner39khis co-ownership of Elevate Trading, any cryptocurrency investor5 post / day
KoroushAK399knalysis frequently to help traders assess the market5 post / day
Cameron Winklevoss465kin-depth and accurate technical analyses of both DeFi and crypto markets1 post / day
Erik Voorhees599krypto markets, NFTs and DeFi, and retweets information multiple times each day1 post / day
SushiSwap223.4kLong before most people had heard of Bitcoin1 post / day
Michael Saylor2.6MDeFi investing insights, this is one of the best crypto2 post / day
Kenn Bosak75kwhich aligns with its mission of keeping crypto transparent3 post / day
Will Clemente650kexplains Web 3.0, blockchain, building digital currency projects and much more1 post / day