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Top BitCoin Influencers On Reddit

Growth of Cryptocurrencies, and especially top bitcoin influencers on reddit, is spontaneous. As a result, the number of people taking an interest and part in crypto trading has also increased drastically. Hence, these people also need someone, more specifically an expert, who can guide them about the ups and downs of the Crypto market. 

There are a lot of digital currencies available in the crypto markets. With their understanding and market values, people invest in those currencies accordingly. But, for beginners, it becomes difficult to invest directly in something due to the market’s lack of knowledge and experience. As a beginner, deciding where to focus your efforts may prove difficult.  Hence, in this article, we have mentioned a few Top BitCoin Influencers on Reddit that you can follow to better understand the crypto market.

List Of 10 Best BitCoin Influencers On Reddit

NameAboutNeth WorthSchedule Post
Erik VoorheesHis followers have become accustomed to his industry insights and expert opinion over trending topics.11M5 post / day
Tone VaysHe now is a content creator in the space and producer of several blockchain and Bitcoin events250M3 post / day
PlanBThe pseudonymous institutional investor hails from the Netherlands.14.96M2 post / day
Andreas AntonopoulosAndreas Antonopoulos is a well-celebrated tech entrepreneur50M4 post / day
Charlie LeeIf you’re looking for a full rounded source of information and entertainment, Lee is worth giving a follow.20M2 post / day
Tim DraperTim Draper is an American venture capitalist with a keen interest in cryptocurrencies1.5B2 post / day
Elon Muskmaking him unpopular amongst those moving toward mass adoption.242B3 post / day
Vitalik ButerinWith Satoshi Nakamoto choosing to remain anonymous400M1 post / day
Anthony Pomplianohe has become an expert on the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency market200M4 post / day
DonAltThe crypto trader provides valuable insights into trading and investing in cryptocurrencies50M5 post / day