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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Exchange for 2022

Thousands of people around the world have taken an interest in cryptocurrencies for a variety of reasons. However, referring to cryptocurrencies as new types of virtual currencies limits their potential. Some investors have gone on to make billions of dollars with cryptocurrency, while others have lost billions.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of cryptocurrency, where should you look? In order to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, there are several cryptocurrency exchanges that are the best. There are also some cryptocurrency exchanges that allow you to manage and store your crypto assets. Make sure you carefully consider your options before choosing a crypto exchange.

It is important that you understand a cryptocurrency exchange’s operations as well as the factors that can affect your decision. However, before we dive into the top 10 cryptocurrencies exchanges for 2022, let’s recap what cryptocurrency is and what these exchanges do. 

Cryptocurrencies: What are they?

Cryptocurrencies act as virtual currencies protected by encryption against fraud and double-spending. A cryptocurrency’s main selling point is its decentralised design, which relies on a distributed ledger across a computer network. Therefore, it was essential to adopt cryptocurrencies to ensure completely transparent and anonymous audit trails for transactions.

Cryptocurrencies made cross-border transactions cheaper and easier since banking fees were no longer needed. Additionally, cryptocurrencies became more accessible after they became accessible via any internet-connected device from anywhere. With a well-known crypto exchange, you can buy and sell any cryptocurrency you like without going to a bank.

Crypto exchanges: What are they?

Crypto exchanges are websites or apps that act as marketplaces for cryptocurrencies. Buying cryptocurrencies cannot be done at a bank or general currency exchange office. Instead, the top crypto exchanges offer access to cryptocurrencies, and you can open an account and store your cryptocurrencies there.

In addition, many new cryptocurrency exchanges have emerged recently that allows you to buy cryptocurrencies. The key to using crypto exchanges is that you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to use them. It is essential to consider a few factors before selecting a particular crypto exchange. In order to choose a reputable cryptocurrency exchange, you must look for the following key characteristics.


When choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, you should pay attention to security and privacy. The KYC process is almost universally followed by cryptocurrency exchange platforms while maintaining anonymity for users. Security measures, reliability, and regulatory compliance should all be taken into consideration before choosing a crypto exchange.


It is also possible to determine the reliability of cryptocurrency exchange by its transaction volume. Considering a crypto exchange’s trading volume over the last 24 hours will help you determine the best one. If they manage crypto assets effectively, transaction volumes over $1 billion are a good indicator.

Support for fiat currency and cryptocurrencies

Another crucial characteristic of the best cryptocurrency exchanges is the ability to support a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. You must be able to exchange cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin on your chosen cryptocurrency exchange. Furthermore, the crypto exchange must support fiat currencies so that deposits can be made in a variety of currencies.

Transfer Charges

In order to make money from cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency exchanges charge transaction fees. Due to this, you must consider the payment method when calculating your commission for the cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, the flexibility of depositing and withdrawing money is greatly affected by transaction fees.


Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Popular Choices

There is no denying that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Cryptocurrencies are being used in almost every industry in a new and creative way every day. However, Ethereum, Bitcoin, NFTs, and DeFi show that cryptocurrencies have a long way to go, and cryptocurrency exchanges can provide you with the resources you need.

Obviously, the usefulness of an exchange would be the deciding factor when answering the question, “What are the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges in the world?”. What are the benefits you will receive from the cryptocurrency exchange? When selecting a cryptocurrency exchange, should utility be the only factor considered? Here is a summary of the most common cryptocurrency exchanges you can use in 2022 that will alleviate your concerns.

1. Coinbase

Coinbase, a full-featured virtual currency exchange, would undoubtedly be at the top of the list of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Additionally, you can trade, buy, and sell a wide range of cryptocurrencies. The user-friendly mobile app and reasonable transaction fees are two of Coinbase’s key benefits.

Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to borrow money with Bitcoin as collateral. With a variety of features suitable for a cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase has proven popular among newcomers. Moreover, the exchange promises lower fees for Bitcoin transactions, allowing anyone to use it.


Here are Pros and Cons of coinbase: 


  • Simple and advanced trading
  • Crypto rewards
  • Extensive crypto selection
  • Earn free crypto
  • Top rated mobile app
  • Offers coinbase debit card


  • High fees on certain transactions
  • Limited staking
  • Complex fee structure


2. Kraken

Kraken, one of the industry pioneers, is listed as the second most popular cryptocurrency exchange. One of the first cryptocurrency exchanges, Kraken, has a vast selection of digital currencies and tokens, making it a good place for investors to invest. Additionally, it is one of the most trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges to have added margin trading features.

The fact that Kraken is more than just a beginner-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform is crucial. To navigate through Kraken’s features, you would need technical knowledge. However, professional and seasoned traders should consider it because it offers crucial benefits like low trading fees. In addition, the cryptocurrency exchange also provides charting types and advanced order features.



  • Range of cryptocurrencies
  • Reasonable fees
  • Security
  • Advanced trading features
  • Strong staking options


  • Not beginner friendly 
  • No tax support
  • Bad customer service
  • Slow account funding


When people talk about the best cryptocurrency exchanges, they typically mention It is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges available right now. However, the cryptocurrency exchange’s rapid growth over a short period of time is its most impressive feature. The platform, which is based in Hong Kong, provides users in the US with an enormous buffet of choices.

The advantage of simplicity in trading is provided by’s support for customers in the US. Additionally, the cryptocurrency exchange makes it simple to access almost 90 different crypto tokens and coins globally. On the other hand, it’s also critical to recognise’s drawback, which is the absence of a website. Instead, you can currently use the cryptocurrency exchange’s mobile app.



  • Added benefits for staking CRO
  • Non-custodial, defi wallet
  • Multiple ways to earn crypto or interest


  • Limited educational resources
  • Bad customer service

4. Voyager

Even though many people believe Voyager is only appropriate for cryptocurrency investments, it is another response to the question, “What are the top 10 crypto exchanges in the world?” On the other hand, Voyager has the unique distinction of being among the earliest publicly traded exchanges. In addition, the trading structure of the exchange is yet another noteworthy aspect of Voyager that elevates it to the top of the best cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Voyager cryptocurrency exchange offers many opportunities for cryptocurrency trading without any commissions. However, now, users can only access the exchange through a mobile app. Support for most well-known cryptocurrencies is one of the crypto exchange’s standout features, as is user support. Additionally, the exchange provides enticing interest rates on cryptocurrency assets, luring more users.



  • Chance to earn high interest rates
  • Acees to multiple exchanges
  • 50+ digital assets available
  • Use friendly interface 
  • Commission free trades


  • No coin-to-coin trades
  • Liquidity concerns
  • Bankruptcy uncertainty
  • Long verification process

5. BlockFi

The next addition to the list of today’s most trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges would be BlockFi. It is a platform for investing in cryptocurrencies that enables you to lend money and earn interest on your holdings. Additionally, the crypto exchange enables you to borrow money using them as collateral rather than selling your cryptocurrency holdings. 

Additionally, owners of cryptocurrencies can use the platform to generate interest from their holdings. The bonus payouts for keeping cryptocurrency assets on the platform for a long time suggest that prospects for cryptocurrency owners are good.


  • Crypto backed loans
  • User friendly 
  • Reaward credit card


  • Limited cryptocurrencies
  • Withdrawal fees

6. Binance

One of the most well-known brands in the cryptocurrency industry is Binance. In actuality, omitting Binance from the list of cryptocurrency exchanges would be imprecise. It is a popular cryptocurrency exchange option in the current decentralised market.

Access to some of the well-known cryptocurrencies, including Cardano and Neo, is supported by Binance. With Binance, you can benefit from a robust trading platform. Along with offering investment options for both institutions and private investors, it supports more than 50 cryptocurrencies. In addition, the cryptocurrency exchange guarantees advantageous benefits like accepting rewards, crypto trading pairs, support for stablecoins, and recurring purchases.


  • Low fees 
  • Educational resources available 
  • Tax statement portal to help for taxes
  • Identity verification process


  • $10 minimum trade
  • History of regulatory scrutiny
  • Limited customer service
  • Site is not user-friendly

7. Bittrex 

There would also be a focus on Bittrex among the frequently mentioned entries in ranking the best cryptocurrency exchanges. With regard to the advantages of account security, it is one of the most widely used options among crypto exchanges. With a multi-stage wallet strategy and two-factor authentication, you can ensure the storage of cryptocurrencies in offline transactions. Furthermore, Bittrex’s transaction fees are noticeably lower compared to other exchanges, which is another eye-catching advantage.

The intriguing transaction fee model is dependent on a user’s 30-day trading volume. Additionally, there are no fees for deposits or withdrawals in fiat currencies at the cryptocurrency exchange. The ability to easily exchange Bitcoin and other crypto-assets make it one of the best exchanges for cryptocurrencies. Its usability is conceivably enhanced by the ability to access Bittrex from both iOS and Android mobile devices.


  • Large selection of crypto
  • Widely available
  • Low fees


  • No margin trading
  • Limited customer support
  • Poor user feedback

8. eToro

eToro would be a noteworthy addition to the list of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in 2022. It has built a strong market foundation in the United Kingdom and other European markets. The exchange is currently gradually opening up the US market. The crypto exchange’s most salient benefit is the vast selection of virtual assets available for sale and purchase. 

Additionally, it provides a practice trading account where you can become familiar with trading fundamentals before investing your money. Finally, owners of cryptocurrencies can use the platform to enable their digital assets to generate interest and rewards for them.


  • Regulated in several countries
  • Established platform
  • Social trading 


  • The trading of stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies is available in only 44 states in the US
  • US users cannot trade on margin

9. Gemini

If you look closely, the list of cryptocurrency exchanges has no clear hierarchy, and the late entrants also deserve praise and acclaim. Your one-stop shop for both institutional and retail cryptocurrency trading services is Gemini. Along with institutional trading tools, traders can use various platforms within the Gemini ecosystem.

Numerous additional services are also available, including a stablecoin backed by USD and brokerage services for cryptocurrency transactions conducted outside of exchanges. The storage and custody options provide varying degrees of flexibility for both online and offline storage. Additionally, Gemini offers cold storage insurance worth about $200 million.


  • Hot wallet insurance
  • Strong security


  • Only 100 crypto available 
  • High trading fees

10. Abra

Abra would be the final addition to the list of top cryptocurrency exchanges to watch in 2022. It is a global cryptocurrency exchange that offers services to institutional and private clients in more than 150 nations. But, first, you must let people know there are no cryptocurrency exchange trading fees. 

You can simultaneously access a wide range of crypto-related products and features, including support for more than 100 cryptocurrencies. Along with numerous beginner-friendly educational guides, the platform also provides access to loans backed by cryptocurrencies.


  •  200+ new cryptos worldwide and 100+ in the U.S.
  • Low fees
  • No fees on deposit
  • Support 70 fiat currencies 
  • User friendly


  • 4% fees on transactions using mastercard or VISA
  • Limitations for US residents

Final Words

The overview of responses to the question “What are the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide?” provides a thorough impression of the functionalities of cryptocurrency exchanges. Crypto exchanges must have crossed your mind as challenging crypto-based solutions. However, you can create an account and manage your funds on them just like you would on a regular stock brokerage platform.

On the other hand, having a variety of options can make choosing a crypto exchange confusing for many cryptocurrency owners. As a result, beginners would have difficulty finding the best crypto exchange to use when starting to trade cryptocurrencies. 

Therefore, a list of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges aids in helping you make the best decision for your cryptocurrency endeavours. To expand your knowledge, learn more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.