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Tips And Tricks To Host A Webinar That Generates Leads

If you are looking for helpful tricks that help you generate leads from your next webinar, then you are at the right place. The webinar is emerging as an important tool for marketers and businesses for advertising and fulfilling marketing goals. 

The key principle of every business is to generate revenue and to do that, it is essential to utilise every available opportunity and tool to expand the business. Here in this post, we are going to discuss the key fundamentals of the webinar and give you the best tricks and tips that will help you generate the leads that you have always wanted. 

Tips and Tricks to Host a Webinar that Generates Leads

There are many webinar platforms that offer many functionalities and tools to optimise the webinar according to your marketing agenda. Not just tools, but interactive webinar platforms allow you to create such an interface and load you with a touch of customisation, which is a necessary thing to use. Let’s move further with the most important tactics to help you with lead generation. 

#Be Credible

Everyone’s time is necessary. There are lots of companies that offer free webinars, but why would someone think to invest one hour in attending your webinar? Let’s understand this with an example. If you ask a lawyer to spare one hour for you, it means you are asking for their billable hour, worth thousands. Now just think why someone wanted to waste there thousands and precious time which they could utilise in doing something worthy and credible.


Now, coming to the point, until or unless your webinar provides some sort of value and diversified information that is relevant to the participants and the current industry scenario. Choose a topic which is most trending, relevant and for what lots of people wanted to know (best including your targeted and potential customers). So providing value is the best return for people’s time. This can be the first step in the whole procedure. It is also preferable to use an online webinar platform which just has a link to get into your webinar (this takes lots of time and doesn’t trouble the attendees to install an app or software). 


First, gather all the necessary information and practice presenting it in the best presentable format that can influence the participants. Not just that, but you have to also add the problems that everyone is going through with the best-in-class solutions. To increase your domain authority, you can write blogs, social media posts, and other forms of content to create awareness among people about how effective, trustworthy, and informative your webinar is going to be. Additionally, it will impact the overall growth of you and your business, showing how reliable and good you are compared to your competitors. 

#Create Interesting Content


Do you like boredom? Or does anyone else you know like that? No one likes that, right? Everyone is looking for something interesting. It’s quite normal that many businesses attempt to create webinars around their problems and services, but it’s not what your audience is looking for. 


Start by creating a catchy topic title for your webinar that sounds like it will solve the current problems, not just promote your services and products. This will help you to create a value system for your audience and reduce the tendency of salesmanship, which every business looks like. 


Even if you look at the top companies of the world they never say buy our products, instead, they point out the real-life problems and how their products are solved (now the choice is of every individual to buy or not). Believe me, if your products are good and even 1% better than your competitor as well as you know how to present in front of your audience you will not just going to generate the leads but will seal the deal. If you are thinking about how to create interesting and great content, then it’s not that difficult and also not that easy to say. It’s just that with more experiments and the more you engage yourself in hosting webinars, you will get a lot of feedback, which will eventually improve your quality of content. 

Tips To Make Great Content

Listed below are the tips we would suggest you to follow, to make great content.

  • Introduce the problem that your audience is experiencing. 
  • Tell how it affects your audience’s business or life or whatever.
  • Once they understand your point.
  • Now it’s time to introduce the solution you have for them.
  • Add case studies, infographics, and images by leveraging tools of virtual webinar platform
  • Convince them if they had your product, they would see how easy their lives could be.
  • Pitch your services (introduce your salesmanship at the end).

Send Follow-Up


This is a common practice every business should need to start, follow-ups are necessary. Add an email column in the registration form to have their details. You can also add a mobile number for future reference. Send all the participants your follow-up mail after the webinar, giving them some offers. Also, send mail to the people who didn’t show up for the webinar but had registered. 


Now, what you can do here is write a blog post and share the on-demand webinar recording or brochure of the product to take the conversion further. Although it might sound not appealing in reality it increases the conversion rates by 10-20 per cent. Automated webinar platforms have such tools that can easily send a thank you note or customised mail to every participant. 

Bottom Line

Try your best to create a value system in your webinar rather than pitching your product for sale. The integrated webinar platform is helpful in terms of creating poll questions, Q&A sessions, group discussions, interactive sessions and many more. 


Utilising all the functions of interactive webinar platforms in a way that can be helpful for you to achieve your target goals is a wise decision. For instance, feedback forums, polls, discussions, and interactions are necessary to understand the participant’s behaviour and to point out those issues in a better way. There is no better trick or tip than to experiment. The more you experiment, the more you promote and solve common problems, and the more you get to generate revenue and business.