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The Unbeatable Gamechanger in the Online Gambling World, CryptoGames!

Just when you thought online gambling is going to turn into another mainstream media for entertainment, several promising cryptocurrencies turned up to blow all our minds. From accessibility to unbelievable profits, these cryptocurrencies are coming to the light to build a new standard for the gambling industry. Although online gambling has been introduced back in the mid-1990s, it has gained immense popularity in recent years. However, finding a completely trustworthy online crypto gambling website is still an uphill battle that needs to be conquered with the right weapon. And we have just the right weapon for you! 

Pretty much like half of the online gambler population, we also thought it was impossible to find the right online crypto casino that will cater to all our expectations under one roof. So, trust us when we tell you we have spent DAYS looking for the best online casino for you! 

For an online crypto casino to thoroughly impress its users, it must be consistent in providing an unbreakable security system, data protection, fast and smooth transaction system all while it introduces modern casino games to the crowd. Though it sounds tough to meet all these expectations perfectly, it is definitely not impossible. And our clear winner, CryptoGames, has proven that from time to time now. 

About CryptoGames: 

Operating under the license issued to Antillephone; authorized and regulated by the Government of Curacao, CryptoGames is owned by a limited liability company called MuchGaming B.V.  

The crypto casino is an online gambling website that promotes safe and responsible gambling around the globe. Their goal of leading the digital entertainment industry is pretty evident through their consistent performance as an online casino for the past few years. Since its inception the newly launched website then added the classic casino games like Dice, Blackjack, Lottery, Roulette gradually. These games were accompanied by more modernized versions of classic games of luck such as Plinko, Minesweepers, and Dice. The latest addition to the casino’s game list is DiceV2. A revamped model of the crowd favorite, Dice. 

A Look Inside the Casino: 

The Website’s User Interface: 

The casino maintains a sophisticated dark aesthetic that is influenced by modern casinos. It does not carry any sort of flashy advertisements, unwanted popups, or sketchy redirecting clickbait. The website’s home page is as neat as it can be. All information you might seek is organized as dedicated tabs under the same home page. This means you will find all the necessary link tabs in one scroll. As soon as you visit the website, you will see the casino’s Blog, FAQ, and Play Now button on the top of the page. As you scroll down, the tiles for the 9 games will appear in front of you. When clicked on, these tiles will show you all the cryptocurrencies that you can use to play the games. Each of the tiles displays its own house edges. Then, as you scroll towards the bottom, you will find all the necessary tabs for the casino-related information. 

Registration and Account Policy:

Only at CryptoGames, will you find the most straightforward registration process that can be done in a matter of minutes! The registration process can be completed by providing only a username if you are a first-timer in the casino. This process will give you primary access to the casino. However, to gain full access to the functions, all players must be fully registered. The casino has a very transparent account policy for its users that guarantees complete privacy for the players. The casino does not ask for any unnecessary personal information from its users. And it also provides multiple choices for financial transactions. This means the players are in full control of how they would make deposits and withdraw any of their funds from the casino. The point to be noted though is that only fully registered players can create a deposit address for their accounts and withdraw their winning amounts. 

Presently Available Cryptocurrencies:

For exchange and transactions these are the cryptocurrencies the users can avail themselves at CryptoGames: 


Bitcoin Cash,



Ethereum Classic, 





and Dash.

All the users are free to use PlayMoney, the casino’s built-in test currency. 

The PlayMoney test currency can be earned using the Faucet feature, a reward system that hands out PlayMoney to every player on board. Every faucet level starts at level 0 and increases as the players level up their player profile. They can earn points to level up their faucets by placing a bet, referring friends, chatting, and being a regular user. The higher the faucet level is, the bigger reward it yields.  Any sign of Faucet abuse will directly lead to a disabled faucet or account block. The casino also forbids continuous withdrawing of earnings from the faucet. Violating the rule will again, directly lead to your account being blocked or a permanently disabled faucet.

Methods for Fund Deposit, Withdrawal, and Exchange: 

Along with the wide range of available cryptocurrencies, CryptoGames has an easily accessible deposit and withdrawal method on the website. By creating deposit and withdrawal addresses individually, players can complete their transactions without any interruption. Deposits and Withdrawal options are only available to fully registered players. Each of the coins has its own pages for creating a deposit address. CryptoGames has a freshly added Credit Card deposit option on its website. The casino recommends a third-party fiat-crypto gateway aggregator, Onramper for credit card deposits. 

Onramper allows its users to purchase any amount of Crypto with a wide variety of Fiat Currencies. Even though CryptoGames is in no way affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or officially connected with Onramper; the aggregator is one of the most reliable ways to deposit funds. Point to be noted that: Onramper itself does not convert any currencies. Instead, it aggregates multiple fiat gateways. Through this system, its users are always getting the best available price for their transactions. It also provides maximum coverage for cryptocurrencies, available fiat currencies, supported geographies, and payment methods! 

How to use Onramper:

CryptoGames’ players must pass their own KYC process even if they are verified players of the casino. 

  1. First, users will choose the crypto they wish to buy
  2. Then they must choose what fiat currency to use for buying the crypto
  3. After that, they will decide what payment method will be used for buying crypto
  4. After choosing a gateway, they will fill a form containing personal information required by the chosen fiat gateway 
  5. Then, as they completely fill the form, Onramper will proceed to send all the data, input by the user. 
  6. Step 5 will announce the transaction to be complete. 

Estimated Time Required for Deposits and Withdrawals:

Deposits that are made directly from an exchange medium will usually take longer than the time required for deposits from a wallet. Transaction speed may also depend on the selected coin’s network status and increase confirmation time.

The deposits are credited after one confirmation. And for any withdrawals, 2 confirmations are required.

Ethereum Withdrawal requires- cca. 1 minute / 2 confirmations

Dogecoin Withdrawal requires- cca. 2 minutes / 2 confirmations

Litecoin Withdrawal requires- cca. 5 minutes / 2 confirmations

Dash Withdrawal requires- cca. 2 minutes / 2 confirmations

Bitcoin Withdrawal requires- cca. 20 minutes / 2 confirmations

And the rest of the coins have a similar transaction time to Dogecoin. 

For converting any cryptocurrencies into their preferred currencies, all players are free to use the casino’s inbuild exchange service. This service can be found on the “Exchange” page, located right under your “Accounts” tab. Users can exchange between any of the cryptocurrencies that are listed on the first page. All the exchange rates are refreshed automatically. Like deposit and withdrawal policy, exchange service also is available only to registered users.

One-off A Kind list of Features: 

  • Chatbox: CryptoGames really found the best way to lighten up the intense atmosphere at the casino by gathering everyone under a unique Chatbox feature! All players can chat with each other while playing any of the games. Here is a shortlist of all the cool points we noticed about the chatbox during our review:
    • There are multiple commands to use within the chatbox that is not only easy to use but are also reliable for completing many tasks. For example:
      •  The !help command fetches quick help for the players
      • The !flip command performs a random coin flip
      • The !value command shows the players the value for a coin at CryptoGames
      • The !balance command shows the players their balance of selected coins
      • The !lotto [coin] [# of tickets] [nickname] command lets the players buy tickets for the Lottery game 
    • Players can tip one another through the chatbox.
    • They can also share their bets for the games with each other using specific commands
    • Consistent engagement in the chat feature increases the player level 
    • Use of any other language (than English) for interactions is available in the International channel. 
  • Rainbot: To compliment the usefulness of the chatbox, the rewarding feature Rainbot is accessible for all players. The Rainbot hands out rewards in small amounts of cryptocurrencies to long-term players who have proved their commitment to the casino through positive contributions.
  • Auto Bet, Smart Hold: Playing games at the casino is always delightful and destressing as CryptoGames has created special features to guide its users. Placing bets and partaking in wagering competitions can be stressful for many as the games require different strategies and a whole lot of luck. To ease that stress, features like Auto Bet and Smart Hold come in handy. Although these two features are available for selected games, every player can use them at any time during a game. The casino urges its users to put these features to work at their own risk.

The Auto Bet feature offers options like setting a limit to the bet size, customize payout, the game flow on balance change (increase/decrease amount of bet, stop on balance, etc.).  On the other hand, the Smart Hold feature tries to form the best possible hand for the users while playing Video Poker. 

A Complete Guide to The Extravagantly Lucrative List of Games: 

Coming to the main attraction of the casino, it’s an exquisite list of 9 lightweight and modernized casino games. Each one of the games come with their own signature outlook and reward size. From great payouts to straightforward rules, all of the 9 games offer pure entertainment to all levels of gamblers. 

Dice (1.0 % House Edge): With a profitable range (0.000 – 99.999) of potential outcomes Dice is almost all new players’ first choice when it comes to casino games. In CryptoGames’ version of the game, players must choose their own payout multiplier. The payout multiplier holds the power to make or break the bet by affecting the final payout amount. Players can use the Auto Bet feature to set up their desired bet size or do it manually. The objective of the game is to correctly choose from the two conditions for the dice roll. The two options are to either roll over or under a certain number. The compensation will entirely depend on the payout multiplier set at the beginning. Any incorrect prediction of the bet will result in a complete loss of placed bet amount. 

Roulette (2.7 % House Edge): The European variant of the game offers a great payout similar to the “American” version. It is played on a 37-number wheel consisting of only one zero. CryptoGames has enabled a helpful option for the players where they can choose any one of the four preset options of neighbor bets. Before the game begins, the betting chips must be laid on the mat where there will be numbers to form neighbor bets. Then the game can be started by pressing the “SPIN” button. If the ball on the wheel reaches any slot representing the neighbor bets, then the bet is won. Otherwise, it is considered a loss. The payout is determined by the slot the ball falls into on every win.

Blackjack (1.25 % House Edge): Blackjack or 21 has a very simple objective. It is to score 21 or form an even better hand than the house dealer. If the player manages to score 21 from the deal of their first two cards, then the game will stop instantly, and the player will be declared as a clear winner. Otherwise, the game will continue until someone win against the other. CryptoGames’ version allows its players to form their hands by choosing any one of the options: “Hit”, “Stand”, “Double”, “Split”, “Fold”. In case the players exceed the number 21 during a deal, they will directly lose their entire bet amount. 

Minesweeper (1.0 % House Edge): The crypto version of the OG computer puzzle game, does not give out any hints or display flags in the minefield. CryptoGames’ model of the game lets the players cash out their rewards at any point of the game. Needless to say, players must clear the minefield without clicking on any mine if they want to earn the whole prize amount. The game also allows its players to adjust their difficulty levels for the minefield according to their strategies. However, the prize amount rises as the difficulty level increases. 

Video Poker (2.09 % House Edge): If anyone is a fan of the Poker game, then CryptoGames variants: Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker will definitely catch all their attention. The objective of the game is to form the best winning hand against the house dealer. The Smart Hold feature is made especially for this game so that it can guide confused players towards possible combinations. Although Video Poker has an average House Edge of 2.09%, its three variations come with individual House Edges. 

Jacks or Better offers a house edge of 2.11%

Tens or Better offers a house edge of 2.08%

Bonus Poker offers a house edge of 2.09%

The Rewards tab displays information regarding the payout distribution for each possible winning hand.

Plinko (1.72 % House Edge): Much like the televised version known as “The Price is Right”, Plinko in CryptoGames is played using any one of the 4 colored balls. The payout is finalized depending on the color of the ball and the slot it reaches. The objective of the game is pretty simple. Players must try to land in one of the profiting slots using their lucky colors for the balls. Each of the slots corresponds to a different payout that ranges from a 1100x payout to a 0.4x return. In case the player chooses to use the Auto Bet feature, a payout under 1 will be considered as a loss and a payout over 1 will be considered as a win. If the payout is 1 it will be considered neither a loss nor a win. Meaning, it does not fall into any category.

Slot (1.97 % House Edge): The OG game that began the journey of CryptoGames. The five-reel casino classic is known as beginners’ all-time favorite. The reel must display a winning combination of symbols or five 7s in one spin to fulfill the objective of the game. The Slot also comes with access to the “Auto Bet” feature. The final combination of symbols will determine the payout amount. The order of the symbols in the combination does not matter. The winning combination can be found on the “Rewards” tab.

DiceV2 (1.0 % House Edge): With a brand-new design, DiceV2 is the latest addition to CryptoGames’ casino. Fresh out of the boat, the objective of the game is similar to the original version. However, in this one, players must guess the correct area (where their dice will roll over or under the predetermined number) on the green zone of the Slider. The percentage of the winning chance will be displayed on the slider. It will even display on which side of the slider a player can achieve the most winning chance. But there is a catch in this one. More payout will be earned with a less winning chance. Whereas the bigger winning chance will offer less payout. The revamped version also comes with the Auto Bet feature, where instead of redirecting to a new page to adjust your settings, players can do it all on the same page as the game.  

Lottery (0 % House Edge): On the game’s home page there is always a countdown timer for the ongoing round. Players can easily analyze their winning chance by looking at the total Pot, the total number of tickets, and the prize amounts. 

CryptoGames’ Lottery tickets can be bought using the following cryptocurrencies: 

Bitcoin (price per ticket is 0.00003 BTC)

Ethereum (price per ticket is 0.0005 ETH)

Litecoin (price per ticket is 0.01 LTC)

Dogecoin (price per ticket is 5 DOGE)

The number of tickets, prize amount, and the number of lots will vary from currency to currency. Lottery results are generated using a third-party app called RandomPicker. 

Keno (1.0% House Edge): This game made its way into the casino recently as their tenth recreation. Keno has already gained the attention of many gamers for its ideal design that provides a modern model of the underrated gambling game. After choosing the wager quantity for Keno, gamers choose out any numbers from a field of 40. The players can manually guess up to 10 numbers from the area or by using the feature. To play the game, players may take guidance from the “How to Play” tab and the “Play Money” feature to understand the layout. Using their instincts, they can pick the numbers in each round. They may also rely on the Random Field feature to make their guesses. The game rewards the players if the lucky draw returns the numbers they had picked before the game started. 

Our Conclusion: Why We Full-Heartedly Recommend CryptoGames to Everyone! 

What started off as a bi-product of curiosity, has now become the most prominently reliable source of entertainment for hundreds of skillful gamblers. Because of the strong determination and hopeful mindset of the team behind CryptoGames, today, hundreds of online gamblers can enjoy gambling using promising cryptocurrencies. With each passing day, as it gets harder to find a trustworthy online crypto casino, CryptoGames continues to silently provide the best service to its player. Their thoughtful gambling policies to share the positive impact of responsible gambling with people from around the globe has always been unchanging. This goes to prove how true to their goal they are and how users are always their first priority in all cases. Therefore, we can only say that CryptoGames has rightfully earned its place as our all-time favorite Crypto Casino and our number one recommendation to all! 

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