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The National Art Museum of Ukraine collection will be enriched with NFT, presented by the META HISTORY museum of war

NFT from the “Incredible rooster” collection, NAMU will get along with the leading museums of the world, to which META HISTORY will present exhibits, symbolizing the symbiosis of cultures and nations in the world. Each museum will get a unique exhibit ― a 3D model of the Borodyanskiy Rooster painted with reconstruction one of the best paintings in the exposition of this museum. The Borodyanskiy Rooster is an exact digital copy of the famous ceramic rooster that survived the occupation in Borodyanka.

“Ukraine now seeks to speak with the whole world, overcoming language and mental barriers between nations. Art is understood by millions of people, regardless of country and generation. The photo with a rooster on the wardrobe from Borodyanka, which has spread all over the world, symbolically depicts a piece of peaceful Ukrainian life, which miraculously survived against the background of abnormally brutal russian aggression. It is significant that the National Art Museum of Ukraine was one of the first to accept the gift from our partners,” said Oleksandr Tkachenko, Minister of Culture and Information Policy.

The exhibit’s choice of frame is due to deep symbolic meaning. Ceramics in the form of animals are used in Ukraine for hundreds of years. In the form of a rooster ⎯ as a talisman, symbolizing the one who gives the signal and wakes up the sun, before which the darkness recedes. Such ceramic roosters can be found in a lot of Ukrainian homes. They were made at a special factory from the 1960s, as a piece of home decor. That is why the well-known photo with the rooster on the cabinet from Borodyanka, which has gone around the world, so symbolically reflects a part of peaceful Ukrainian life, which survived by a miracle against the background of all the abnormal that happened behind the scenes. 

“NAMU, as the custodian of outstanding examples of Ukrainian art, can’t stay away from the NFT sphere. Indeed, new art is created there on the wave of events that defines the fate of our state. Earlier Ukrainian artists often got more attention and recognition in other countries. And many people did not even suspect the Ukrainian origin of the celebrities. Now we are faced with the consequences — not everywhere in the world the cultural heritage and value of Ukraine is properly understood. It is important to change this. That’s why NAMU supports the development of new art, represented by META HISTORY”, Yulia Litvinets, general director of the National Art Museum of Ukraine.

Precisely such a rooster as a gift got Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiу and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson when they met in Kyiv on April 9th. Johnson auctioned his item at Christie’s, promising to give all the money from its sale to Ukraine. Thus, the Borodyanskiy Rooster got a new role — to unite the nations around the main values. And META HISTORY museum upgraded it by turning to recognized art specimens. 

«Culture is moving into virtual reality ⎯ people more often choose to consume digital content instead of owning physical artwork. Therefore, as a web3 art project, we feel a responsibility to be the leading translator of Ukrainian art in the world. In this, we are similar to NAMU. And we should use the NFT together to accomplish our mission», VK, founder of the META HISTORY museum.