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The first-ever NFT collectible by Anthony Hopkins reached Eternity

The renowned television, theater, and film icon, who has won numerous awards including the Oscar, BAFTA, and Golden Globe, has now entered the Web3 domain through Orange Comet; Anthony Hopkins has decided to work on the NFT Drops project to present himself as an artist.

The NFT project will be known as the Eternal Collection, which will include Hopkins’ 10 digital animations with three drops in the center. These animations will be the interpretations of the archetypes of Jungian characters that the actor has played throughout his acting career. The designs in the NFTs to be released will incorporate all the aspects of paintings made by Hopkins.

More insight into the release of The Eternal NFT Collection

The Eternal -NFT Collection, which will run on Web3, will be available on OpenSea by September 16th. The archetype collectibles comprised a series of NFTs that inspired the collection’s name. Anthony Hopkins is collaborating with the Orange Comet team on the development of the NFT collections.

Hopkin’s face will be digitally rendered, representing several archetypes of the Rebel, the Hero, the Sage, the Magician, the Explorer, the Ruler, the Creator, the Lover, the Jester, and the Giver. Each character will be showcased for no more than 45 seconds. And each animation designed by Hopkins will feature 100 PFP variants, with exceptional character themes, for over 1000 non-Fungible tokens.

A unique edit from each of the NFTs will be auctioned by Orange Comet. Also, the amount collected from the auction will be donated to a charity of Hopkin’s choice.