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The First Black-Owned NFT Agency Launched in Philadelphia, PA

Wellington Kiiru, also known as Young Wellz, started the first NFT design firm and educational platform owned by a black person. This company mints, makes, and promotes NFTs for businesses.

Wellington states that the firm makes it simple for artists and visionaries to convert their works of art into selling propositions. 10kNFTSource wants to help people who are just starting out in the metaverse feel comfortable with their NFTs and get the most out of them by going beyond crypto.

The initiative seeks individuals that are business owners and creatives that seek developmental expansion. With 10kNftSource, customers are allowed to develop their own unique NFT.

Students are offered a variety of profitable alternatives when customers’ creative potential is enhanced by the power of NFTs. The team at 10kNFTsource is dedicated to bringing the client’s fantasy to life, from character creation to NFT promotion.

10kNftSource Attempts to Satisfy Customers

Young Wellz stated that “our agency came into the picture to get the job done with the intent to make NFTs accessible to everyone, including low-income minority communities, as we have teamed up with top-performing artists and crypto buffs to help clients and students create, design, mint, tokenize, and market their digital assets into creative NFTs.”

He also mentioned that the team has mastered the art of infusing characters with life and equipping them to stand out in the realm of cryptocurrencies. The agency is the first of its kind operated by African Americans in Philadelphia.

10kNFTsource is not only proud to be black owned but also to infuse imagination into what the world values and fights to get. Using the power of NFTs and their in-house African American talent, 10kNFTsource continues to shape the artistic destiny of each customer. Also, the team ensures that the clients make money from their creative idea.  

The NFT artwork price is cheaper than the average price offered by freelancers. A commendable number of variants and an unrestricted number of modifications, all for the lowest possible price. Something that is exclusive to 10kNFTsource on the market today.

With social media promoting the advantages of NFT ownership, the methods created by 10kNFTSource are the foundation for producing unique NFTs for businesses entering the metaverse. According to Wellington, the keys to establishing successful NFTs are a crystal-clear vision and an innovative approach. Even so, 10kNFTSource clients will be able to get flash-critical development done faster because the company worked hard to understand what their clients wanted from their NFT design.