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The CEO Of Ripple Labs Hints At Future M&A Deals

The stage for the World Economic Forum (WEF) was set in Davos, Switzerland, this year. Numerous renowned people and companies participated in the conference. The Chief Executive Officer of Ripple Labs, Brad Garlinghouse, also attended the conference and shared plans there. 

During the conference, Garlinghouse was interviewed by CNBC. He told the interviewer that Ripple Labs boasts a ‘strongly balance sheet.’ He also hinted that Ripple Labs might take part in various merger and acquisition deals. However, he stressed that Ripple Labs would likely be the buyer in all the deals instead of a seller. 

Garlinghouse added that he believes the M&A in the crypto space and blockchain will witness an uptick. Though it has not started yet, the CEO is optimistic that it will indeed happen on a large scale in the future. 

Numerous acquisitions have happened since 2021. For instance, Opensea acquired Dharma Labs, Coinbase acquired Fairx exchange, and in February this year, Mycrypto Wallet was acquired by Consensys. Moreover, in March this year, an investment company named Public acquired Otis, an NFT, and digital collectibles technology.