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Tammy Hammer was appointed as the new CEO of Gokhstein Media

Gokhstein Media, founded in 2017, has moved through the development of the Blockchain industry together with many growing projects. In a newly formed structure for the corporation, David Gokhstein, the founder of Gokhstein Media, will now be assuming a new position as Chairman.

There appears to be a lot of excitement among the team members.Tammy Hammer is a woman with massive experience in business and finance. The team looks forward to working under Tammy to move the company forward.

The CEO position is not the first position Tammy will be picking up with Gokhstein Media. She has previously managed key administrative and team structures to ensure that daily content is published for a global audience. In addition, she has had a wide range of experience in the blockchain industry, and the team is counting on her experience to build a stronger foundation for the community and company.

For more than five years, Gokhstein Media has been notable in the blockchain industry as a corporation, recognised as one of the leading firms in the industry.

A Chance for More Development 

In making comments on his successor, David Gokhstein counts it as an opportunity to see Tammy as the CEO; he describes Tammy as experienced and intelligent, and he is excited to see Tammy take up the position and move the corporation forward. He stated that the company and its clients will experience remarkable progress under Tammy’s administration.

Ross Macdonald, the co-founder of Gokhstein Media, said Tammy occupying the CEO position will enable her to continue the brilliant work she started, as Tammy has been a core member of the corporation.

I feel my background in the financial industry helps give me relativity to this crypto and blockchain space I’ve grown to love. ” Tammy Hammer stated in reaction to her appointment. She expressed her appreciation for what the team has built and said she looks forward to inspiring the diverse blockchain industry. Tammy hopes her time as the CEO of Gokhstein will bring confidence to the customers and community to achieve more in the blockchain industry.