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Station Casinos Introduces Innovative NFT Rewards to Loyalty Program

Recently, the NFT sector is seeing an upward trend. A Las Vegas-based company adopts the use of non-fungible tokens, for providing digital art rewards to the players participating in their slot play. 

About the NFT Rewards System

On Friday, Station Casinos launched STN Charms, an expansion of their Boarding Pass casino loyalty program that rewards members with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This new form of digital artwork, supported by blockchain technology, is now available to all loyalty members. 

During the launch, all loyalty members will be automatically enrolled, and will also get an exclusive shamrock Charm NFT. If a player inserts their card into a machine, this shamrock Charm NFT will appear on the service window of that particular slot machine.

Station Casinos’s Senior Vice President, Tom Mikulich, has stated that the concept has been under development for a few years, taking cues from popular mobile games such as Candy Crush Saga and players who bring their own lucky charms when playing. 

He also stated that players will have various opportunities to obtain non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through their program. Every month, new pieces will be released and divided into categories with five rarity levels. Furthermore, each charm will have a “Luck Level” that reflects the winnings on the slot machine when the charm is active.

STN Charms has been established through a collaborative effort between Mintable Pte. Ltd., a renowned web3 solution provider, along with Intergalactic Agency Inc. which provides a platform that allows members to purchase, trade, and showcase NFTs. As stated in a press release, Intergalactic has developed a customized end-to-end system for the Charms. 

Other Casinos also getting into NFTs 

In March of 2022, Circa made history as the first casino in Las Vegas to embrace blockchain technology, launching their Vegas Vickie NFT. This milestone has since been followed by other Las Vegas casinos and entertainment companies, introducing their own NFTs. In May, Allied Esports Entertainment Inc. further demonstrated the advancement of blockchain technology in the entertainment industry, expanding its rewards program to include exclusive NFT prizes for participants.