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Sony Unveils NFT and Blockchain Technology Patent 

Sony has filed a patent indicating that it is investigating blockchain and NFT technologies for monitoring in-game assets in video games. The patent is named “Tracking Unique In-Game Digital Assets Using Tokens on a Distributed Ledger.”  According to the patent, NFTs might vary from gaming moments to in-game items or characters.

One of the key principles underlying NFTs is described in Sony’s patent. It proposes technology that can monitor the history of an in-game object as it is handed from player to player. Moreover, according to the patent description, consumers find it “meaningful” to possess or utilize unique goods associated with well-known celebrities or activities.

It’s worth noting that PlayStation submitted this patent in July 2021, before the wider debate around NFTs became public. PlayStation previously dabbled in the field of NFTs with EVO 2022. In a player survey, PlayStation inquired fans what kinds of NFTs they might be interested in acquiring. NFTs based on Evo,  esports, music artists, PlayStation items, and favorite game characters were among the available replies.

Sony’s new PlayStation Stars rewards program includes digital collectibles, but the corporation claims the awards are “absolutely not NFTs” since they “can’t be traded or sold.”

Recently GameStop launched a crypto/NFT wallet, and EA is still evaluating the technology. Many developers have signed an anti-NFT pledge, and Minecraft has avoided incorporating blockchain technology or NFTs.