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Solana NFTs are Now Officially Available for Trading on OpenSea

OpenSea, the biggest NFT market by volume, now accepts Solana blockchain-based NFTs for trading. This comes after an official teaser last week indicated that support would be coming soon for these NFTs through a tweet by OpenSea.

Most of OpenSea’s code is written in Ethereum, and it now controls a large share of the NFT market. Solana, the second-largest NFT ecosystem outside of Ethereum and its sidechain/layer-2 scaling solutions, has been included in OpenSea’s collection of collectibles.

According to the marketplace, minimal collection coverage has been deployed for Solana support in beta. More than 860,000 NFTs have been created on the Solana Chain since OpenSea’s launch, even though the company claims to handle 165 collections.

Aurory, DeGods, Degenerate Ape Academy, and Shadowy Super Coder are just a few of the well-known Solana NFT collections that are now accessible through OpenSea’s search function. With lower transaction fees and a more efficient blockchain network, Solana can handle significantly larger quantities of transactions at once than Ethereum.

OpenSea is the most popular exchange for non-fungible tokens based on Ethereum, although it is less well-known as a marketplace for NFTs.

Solana is a low-cost, fast-transaction blockchain that uses little energy. To begin with, just a small number of collections are available in the beta, but that number is growing daily.

To trade Solana NFTs on OpenSea, you’ll need a wallet that supports SOL, such as Phantom or Glow.

Recently, an advertisement for OpenSea’s Solana NFT debut on the marketplace hyped the release as “The best-kept secret in web3.” OpenSea NFTs may now be purchased using credit cards from OpenSea, the company said on Monday.

OpenSea has a current market capitalization of $13.3 billion. According to DappRadar, its trade volume had hit $2.45 billion in the last month, with 1.85 million transactions.