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Shiba Inu Sizzles: 40M Burned in a Weekend, 196M in Just 7 Days!

Over the weekend, Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens got a one-way ticket to the “inferno” address! 39,829,430 (39.82M) SHIB tokens were burned in 27 fiery transactions by the community-led Shiba Inu Burn Project.

The SHIB SuperStore

The biggest burner of all was the “SHIB Super Store” which sent a whopping 11,839,731 (11.83M) SHIB to the afterlife in just one transaction. But the Shiba Inu community wasn’t done there, they burned a total of 196,812,147 (196.81M) SHIB in the past seven days through 57 separate transactions, according to


The burn rate of Shiba Inu tokens saw a sudden increase of 21,712% on January 26th, which was due to a small number of tokens being burned the previous day. But that was just a warm-up, the community lit up the crypto scene with their fire-burning efforts over the weekend!

Shiba Inu Token Making Its Mark! Binance Pay & Bermuda Privacy dApp Extend Support

But while the Shiba Inu community is reducing the massive supply, the token is also making a name for itself in the mainstream world. Bin Faqeeh, a real estate developer in Bahrain, recently announced a partnership with Binance Pay, allowing customers to make payments with SHIB and other cryptocurrencies. Plus, Bermuda Privacy dApp, a platform that values privacy, added support for SHIB, so users can trade the token anonymously. Looks like Shiba Inu is not just a cute dog meme, it’s a token on fire!