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Rosario Dawson and Tony Revolori to Lend their Voice in New NFT Anime Series, Ghosts of Ruin

In a groundbreaking move, Gala Film, a branch of the innovative Web3 company, Gala Games, is set to launch an anime series, “Ghosts of Ruin.” The unique aspect of this series lies in the fact that it’s backed by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Hollywood icons Rosario Dawson and Tony Revolori will lend their voices to the primary characters.

NFT Anime Series Pushes Boundaries

“Ghosts of Ruin” is set in a dystopian San Francisco, where gamers play in an unsettling tournament. The twist is that the games feel real, as they are linked directly to players’ minds. The line between game and reality becomes blurred, creating an immersive experience.

Rosario Dawson will portray Prism, a gaming pro fixated on clinching the tournament victory. On the other hand, Tony Revolori will lend his voice to Lee, an underdog gamer who enters the tournament on a whim. Their journeys promise to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Unique Access through NFTs

The initial episode of “Ghosts of Ruin” is slated for release on Gala’s platform in August. This episode will only be accessible to those who hold specific NFTs sold to finance the show’s production. These NFTs, divided into four tiers, grant various levels of engagement with the series. 

“The Coder” is the most basic tier that offers access to the show and content, along with exclusive digital collectibles worth $250 GALA tokens. The rarest, titled “The Board Member,” allows the holder to participate in the series production as a character or contributor.

Future Prospects for ‘Ghosts of Ruin’

Following the NFT-exclusive premiere, the creators plan to present the pilot episode to leading streaming platforms as a tangible proof of concept. Gala Film’s CEO, Sara Buxton, anticipates that utilizing Web3 elements will enrich the experience for everyone involved through digital ownership and associated perks.

“Ghosts of Ruin” is a bold step into the future of entertainment, bridging the gap between blockchain technology, gaming, and television. With over 45 passes sold for $2,500 worth of GALA tokens, this venture could potentially redefine the landscape of the entertainment industry.