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RisingWings Issues First NFT for COMPETZ

RisingWings, a subsidiary of Krafton Inc, announced the minting of its first profile picture (PFP) through COMPETZ, its global blockchain esports services.

During the first minting, one thousand PFPs will be issued, and COMPETZ will be enabled to have PFP NFTs used as profile images. Some of the people who can participate in minting include users who made an advanced deposit between 7pm on the 9th and 7pm on the 10th of May (UTC +9). Starting from the 10th of May, at 8pm, KST (UTC + 9), the blockchain platform Bora Portal will have PFPs available for one hour.

COMPETZ Benefits

Also, as compensation, additional benefits will be received by users who purchase COMPETZ PFP NFTs. Here are some of the benefits that users may expect from the purchase of PFP:

  • COMPETZ Benefits – After the acquisition, users who purchased it can receive a portion of the entry fees of the revenue that will be available for play on COMPETZ later this year. PFP rarity will have five levels: Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common. Also, the rarer the PFP is the greater the user’s reward. The applied benefits will stack if the users own two or more PFPs.
  • Whitelist – As an added minting opportunity. The whitelist will give priority to users to participate in NFT minting first or get them at a cheaper price in the future.
  • Airdrop Event – Purchasers of PFP have the Airdrop event available to them. Also, one person will be awarded one-thousand Bora Tokens (tBORA), and users who have purchase not less than three PFPs will be awarded three hundred tBORA.

In reacting to the news, RisingWings Vice President Moon-Chul Kang said, “To derive excitement for the upcoming games, to be serviced in COMPETZ, we have scheduled the first official PFP minting for users to enjoy” speaking further, he said, “we are also planning to issue a game skin NFT, so, please stay tuned for more information about the various events we have scheduled for the future.