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QuickSwap’s Podcast Rebrands: “The Aggregated” Unites the Web3 Community

QuickSwap, the popular Web3 podcast “All Roads Lead to Polygon” (ARLTP), has undergone a rebranding. The podcast is now called “The Aggregated” and will reach beyond the Polygon ecosystem in order to foster inclusivity between different parts of the Web3 community.

This move represents an effort on behalf of QuickSwap to bring together voices from all over DeFi space and beyond it.

From “All Roads Lead to Polygon” to “The Aggregated”

All Roads Lead to Polygon had a reputation for featuring long-form conversations with guests from the blockchain, financial, tech, and entertainment industries. It was one of the top 5 web3 podcasts globally with 50-100k listeners per episode and the second most popular Twitter Space in 2023. ARLTP played a key role in promoting scalability solutions offered by Polygon through the creation of systems that allow for easy integration between different chains.

However, this change represents not only that but also many other things; henceforth so it is much wider reaching than before. This new name comes from the fact that they want their show content to thematically vary depending on what projects are being talked about during any given week but still guided by aggregating various insights into different ecosystems as well as on-chain technologies etcetera thereby fostering healthy debates which might lead world-changing innovations.

The Vision of “The Aggregated”

‘The Aggregated’ aims at providing an avenue where representatives drawn from all over web3 spaces having diverse backgrounds would converge together sharing each person’s unique perspective thus eliminating tribalism while fostering unity among members belonging under the wider umbrella called quick swap. This shift therefore implies that Quick Swap has ventured deeper into serving the general web3 market while still keeping focus on the adoption of mainstream media penetration decentralization etcetera.

They will continue bringing influential figures onto their show raising the bar set by ARLTP even higher. Having said this, what they are doing right now is hosting more personalities than ever before and talking about everything from the latest tech breakthroughs to controversial topics within cryptocurrency world viewpoints etc. To add on to that, “The Aggregated” also wants to be considered as being among the top resources where individuals may gain valuable knowledge concerning the rapidly changing landscape associated with web3 technologies.

A Star-Studded Guest List

QuickSwap has always boasted an impressive guest list for its podcasts and The Aggregated will be no different. Wendy-O, BitBoy (Ben Armstrong), Dapp Radar, Polygon Founder Sameep Singhania, Decrypt, Gala Games, Moby Media, Orbs, Crypto Magazine, Gamma,; DogeChain; Magic Eden NFT Gators TechCrunch TrustSwap ParaSwap AltCoin Daily Violetta Zironi BlockStars Technology, and even former President Donald Trump’s Intelligence Circle/Team, etcetera etttc.

Each episode promises a mix of information and entertainment – giving listeners unique insights into the world of web3 through respectful debates whilst also ensuring there’s some alpha thrown in too somewhere along the way for good measure! By bringing comedy infused episodes that showcase various personalities each show promises not only enlightening but entertaining experience as well thereby ensuring no two are alike.

Expanding Horizons

Looking onward, “The Aggregated” is positioned to serve up the freshest news, biggest trends, and most valuable alpha across Web3. A self-proclaimed “roman bathhouse” of the cryptosphere, the podcast highlights open debates and acceptance of all kinds of personalities. This inclusivity philosophy is designed to foster a friendly environment for new projects, emerging ecosystems, key opinion leaders (KOLs), media personalities, celebrities, CEOs and crypto enthusiasts known as Degens.

Everyone from Web3 and beyond is invited into conversation with “The Aggregated.” By sharing their alpha — insights backed by personal stories — guests can contribute to the podcast’s mission of fostering collaboration in pushing innovation boundaries within the Web3 community.²

The Future of “The Aggregated”

With its newfound identity as “The Aggregated,” this podcast will play an important role in connecting dots between different parts of Web3 ecosystem while also promoting cooperation among them. The show will continue airing every Friday on Twitter at 3 PM UTC where it serves as a consistent platform for thought leaders and enthusiasts alike to share what they know/learned through doing things.

If you’ve never been on before then now’s your chance! They’re looking for new voices and perspectives so don’t be shy about reaching out if interested; you can find them directly via official telegram or Twitter handles @QuickswapDEX | @MBDMCrypto | @Panda_QuickSwap.

The Road Ahead

Changing its name from “All Roads Lead To Polygon” to “The Aggregated”, Quickswap has taken a huge step towards inclusiveness within the web3 space it operates within. Also, this means that besides focusing on particular projects or technologies only now More Things Shall Fall Under Quickswap Purgatorial Gaze Henceforth Making Sure That They Are One With Each Other In Unity And Innovation While Staying Decentralized Too!

Expect engaging informative inspiring content from here on out as promised by The Aggregated Podcast during their rebirth period; still while embracing these new changes they remain true to themselves and all other decentralized ecosystems too.

Stay up-to-date with everything happening around Web3 through “The Aggregated” — Join the conversation towards a more connected and collaborative decentralized future.