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Polygon MATIC and Coca-Cola celebrate International Friendship Day together

Coca-Cola took up a digital asset collectibles drop and celebrated International Friendship Day with Polygon MATIC.

On Sunday, Polygon MATIC plummeted by 0.08% and ended the week with a loss of 2.34%. Although Coca-Cola made the announcement of launching its sharable collectibles on Polygon’s platform by celebrating International Friendship Day, the loss that followed for Polygon was inevitable.

The Sunday session opened bearish for Polygon as the price dropped to $0.8928 before any movement in the market had hardly begun. MATIC found a good support level at $0.8936 and is moving up towards $0.9253.

But, Polygon (MATIC) could not break its first major resistance level at $0.9316; thus, the day closed at $0.91.

Although Polygon had a rough last week, Walt Disney’s (DIS) news in July of including Polygon in this year’s Accelerator has kept MATIC above its year-low value hit in June at $0.3159.

On Sunday, Polygon was back in the news

On the eve of International Friendship Day, Polygon took to its Twitter handle to tweet about Coca-Cola’s launch of sharable collectible drops on its platform. On the other hand, Coca-Cola shared its entry into the Metaverse with its latest digital asset on Friendship Day.

An official from Coca-Cola has reportedly stated that they will continue to launch such limited-edition collectibles while learning about the fast-moving world. The company’s main goal is to create a virtual ecosystem that keeps its fans happy and on their toes.

Since International Friendship Day of 2021, Coca-Cola has released around 4,000 digital assets. The company has celebrated International Friendship Day 2021, International Pride Day, and International Burger Day by creating digital assets for its followers.