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NFT Plaza Launches the First Automated Metaverse Advertising System

NFT plazas, formerly known as DCL Plaza, one of the world’s leading NFT news websites, has announced its new booking system, an innovative one that enables users to upload and pay for advertisements on customized billboards in the Metaverse with the use of an automated book-and-pay system. This new system helps the new brand decentralize an efficient user interface.

In a very short time, very few minutes, users can now reach a global audience without building in the Metaverse or code. People from across the world can now connect with the Metaverse with the simple checkout process. The whole process is simple to complete without the need for any core technical skill. Their branding message can spread on billboards in many important locations in the Decentraland.

Metaverse Advertisement

In his words, Chris Thomas, Founder of NFT Plazas, said, “This is the first step in making Metaverse advertising easily accessible for any forward-thinking brands looking for exposure in the metaverse.”

Brands, initiatives, and prospective clients will be directly connected to the Decentraland community. The billboard kiosk will transmit easily to various locations on the map and be visible globally, using a five-click booking system. Users can choose from two different ad types with different-sized billboards. Customized designs of the users can also be uploaded to their vision. For customers to track the daily development of their campaign, a specialised reporting dashboard is made available. The dashboard displays the number of page views, the location of visitors, and the language of visitors.

The automated system pays per view. One can choose the number of views one wants to receive for an advertising campaign on a Decentraland Billboard. In line with the number of views one wants to book for one’s campaign, pricing varies on a sliding scale. The technology is projected to be introduced to other virtual worlds in the coming weeks.

With the full development of this Metaverse, businesses can easily place their advertisement on the platform. This initiative is a forward progress on the development of the Internet towards Web 3.0.