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NFT Collectors Can Get Flight to Space Experience through Uplift Aerospace

With the launch of Blue Origin’s New Shepard suborbital rocket, Uplift Aerospace (NRPI) is announcing a once-in-a-lifetime chance for an NFT collector. The “launch pass” NFT collection will be available by Uplift Aerospace and will be released on May 10, 2022. Anyone who buys an NFT from this exclusive collection can apply to fly on New Shepard.

The process for this involves the Uplift Aerospace team assessing applications and picking a finalist. The entry requirements and selection process details will be accessible on the website by May 9, 2022. Blue Origin has the right to review all possible astronauts and to authorise or reject admission to any mission submitted by Uplift Aerospace.

Launch Pass NFTs may be bought starting May 10th. After that, collectors who bought NFTs might apply to be an astronaut and represent the Space+ community in space. On May 22nd, 2022, at 11:59 pm EDT, a Space+ community member will be chosen. To guarantee the selected candidate is a current Launch Pass owner, the Space+ team will take a picture of their wallets on May 22nd.

Following the selection of a spaceflight candidate from the NFT community, all 10,921 Launch Pass NFT owners will be able to convert their Launch Pass into a Space+ NFT avatar character dubbed Starborn. The Starborn profile photos (PFPs) symbolise humanity’s future in space. The NFT “smart contract” controls the time of this conversion option. The Launch Pass and Starborn NFTs will also be used as membership tokens for future space-related community perks, contests, and goods

Starborn NFT Collection
The Starborn collection embodies Uplift Aerospace’s future vision for humanity’s self-identity and creativity amid the constraints of space travel. The project also illustrates the importance of web3 technologies like AR, VR, NFTs, bitcoin, and blockchain. It will also allow NFT holders to experience Space+’s upcoming metaverse while staying connected to what the firm is doing in reality.

Coloured stripes on the spacesuits and LED helmets were employed to personalise and modernise the Starborn characters. Over 120 creative AR qualities and numerous base characters may produce over 120 billion distinct Starborn alternatives, of which 10,921 are chosen for the NFT artwork collection.

Uplift Aerospace is constructing the web3 infrastructure to facilitate links between persons on Earth and those in space. Space exploration is another untapped area whereby cryptocurrency is fast becoming relevant.