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Most Awaited Announcement from HOKYCOIN’s: HOKY Presale Phase 1 is here

Introducing the most awaited announcement from HOKYCOIN’s: HOKY Presale Phase 1. So prepare yourself for something HUGE with HOKYCOIN! 
As you might be aware that HOKYCOIN is a Cryptocurrency BEP20 token built within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. This enables the Hokycoin team to provide the most secure, fast, and fluid transaction experience in the crypto space. 
Behind this presale phase, is their Industry Expert team which has long experience in the cryptocurrency area. Hokycoin is a new cryptocurrency with an innovative deflation mechanism as $HOKY has no inflation tax. 
Let’s understand and analyze their Presale Tokenomics which allows you to understand how much an asset will be worth in the future for investors, traders, companies, or other partners. The $HOKY Tokenomics distribution provides an opportunity to understand the potential future value of the token. The $HOKY Tokenomics has spread across 30% Marketplace, 10% Marketing, 10% Development, and 50% Burn Token.
There is great advice on their official website from HOKYCOIN Experts that don’t transfer via exchange to contribute as your money will be lost and you will not receive the token distribution. Also,  HOKYCOIN Experts recommend transacting via popular crypto wallet applications, like Trust Wallet, SafePal, TronLink, etc  and  HOKYCOIN team would like anyone to promote this Pre-sale by informing friends, family & business partners, about Hokycoin (HOKY).  HOKYCOIN Experts wants everyone to distribute announcements about Hokycoin from their Telegram Channel.
Hokycoin is truly a global project and through its blockchain technology, HOKYCOIN is committed to offering the most convenient payment service globally, enabling users to make payments in a safer, faster way.
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