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MoonDAO Users Can Get a Chance to Go to Space with the NFT Collection

MoonDAO announced on May 5 that it has acquired space travel aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. MoonDAO announced today that owners of its new “Ticket to Space” NFT collection are eligible to win a place on the voyage.

MoonDAO is giving away all of its “Ticket to Space” NFTs for free, allowing anybody to mint the NFTs and go to space aboard a Blue Origin rocket. There will be 9,060 “Ticket to Space” non-fungible tokens available for minting, with a limit of one mint per individual. To enter, users must be on the Moonlist in advance.

How will the winners be chosen?

On June 5, an audit of all holders will be done. Each holder will be placed in a public drawing conducted at random. Winners of MoonDAO’s astronaut selection procedure are eligible to go to space, provided they also fulfil Blue Origin’s flying standards. Blue Origin keeps the right to check out all applicants and let them on or not let them on any flight at its sole and complete discretion.

NFT holders will also receive MOONEY, the decentralised autonomous organization’s (DAO) governance token, and have the ability to vote on MoonDAO decisions. The people who own NFTs will be full-fledged DAO members with benefits like early access to new DAO projects.

MoonDAO is a DAO founded in November 2021 with the objective of decentralising access to space science and exploration. It started out on Juicebox with the goal of raising $450,000 to send people into space. It was a huge success, with the community donating 2,623 Ether (ETH), which was worth about $8.3 million at the end.

The Future of MoonDAO:

The community’s treasury today exceeds $40 million. MoonDAO’s recent space-travel initiative for its community is its first big achievement in space exploration, but this is only the beginning: the platform has a multi-year agenda ahead.

MoonDAO’s ambitious objective is to decentralise access to space research and exploration, and it is focused on constructing a new form of organisation that allows worldwide collaboration for space-related initiatives.

In accordance with this purpose, MoonDAO has just introduced the MoonDAO Initiatives Program, which provides up to $50,000 for the first month to anybody on the globe for projects that promote MoonDAO’s stated mission. The initiatives may include science, engineering, governance, international space cooperation, or art. Building a MoonDAO satellite, making the first music video shot in orbit, and starting to design a MoonDAO rocket are all things that MoonDAO is working on right now.