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Moonbirds Are Under Attack by Phishing Attacks as They Lose Online Collectables Worth $1.5 Million

The attack on the Moonbirds sent the media into a frenzy. The NFT project was recently compromised by phishing hackers who have reportedly stolen over 29 virtual collectables worth ETH 750 (roughly Rs. 11 crores). 

The project was just launched recently, precisely about a month ago. This means that this attack is coming just shortly after the project has gained acceptance and recognition among the cryptocurrency community members. Notably, this project was launched by the Proof Collective. Moonbirds is an Ethereum blockchain-related NFT collection that provides about 10,000 unique profile pictures. This offers holders access to the PROOF community. This also gives them the chance to “nest” their NFT owls to get rewards and benefits.

The announcement of this phishing attack was made known in a report released by Block Crypto. It was revealed that “hackers are running a phishing scam around the Moonbirds project.” Victims are being hunted for on Twitter.”

Warning Alert for Community Members

This has necessitated the intervention of the members of the cryptocurrency community, as they began to post warning alerts about this ongoing phishing attack on Twitter to inform the community. “29 Moonbirds were just stolen in a phishing attack.”. It is sickening to see stuff like this. Let this be a reminder to never ever click on links and to bookmark the marketplaces or trading sites that you use.” This was a tweet from a member of the crypto community. @cirusNFT.

However, the identity of the notorious hacker is still a mystery, as the hacker has not been identified. A Twitter user and a member of the cryptocurrency community claimed to have identified the hacker. This statement was made by the Twitter user on his verified page, with the username, “@0xLosingMoney.” 

The Twitter user ‘@Dvincent_’ is the hacker, and is allegedly behind the phishing hack. As @0xLosingMoney revealed in his thread, “He offered his victim to trade for his NFTs on the” He approved the hacker’s wallet to transfer his NFTs.” There is no doubt that hackers have continued to ravage the cryptocurrency and NFT sectors. These hackers have always taken advantage of innocent and unsuspecting people.