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Mississippi Making Waves – Crypto Discrimination Banned, Crypto Miners’ Rights Protected!

The state of Mississippi just took a giant leap forward in becoming the coolest state for Bitcoin miners. On February 8th, the state senate passed a super important bill called the Digital Asset Mining Act, which basically means they’re taking steps to protect the rights of all you crypto-mining superstars. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, the very next day, Documenting Bitcoin tweeted about the passage of a new law called the “Right to Mine“.


The Protected Crypto Miners

Mississippi has just passed a bill that gives miners the green light to set up shop in industrial zones without any discrimination. No more unfair energy fees and no more being labeled as “money transmitters”.

With some of the lowest electricity costs in the US, Mississippi is already a hot spot for crypto miners. But, as the bill pointed out, digital asset mining has faced its fair share of roadblocks at the state and local level.

Well, not anymore! This new measure will prevent any regulation of noise from home mining beyond existing limitations, making sure that miners aren’t held to stricter standards than data centers. And if someone tries to rezone a mining center, they’ll have to give fair warning and an opportunity for appeal.

Crypto-mania Grips the World!

The state of Mississippi is getting serious about Bitcoin and incorporating it into their electricity network! While the bill has been passed, the founder of Satoshi Action Fund, Dennis Porter, knows that the work is far from over. It’s no secret that the US is ramping up their regulation of the crypto sector and Bitcoin mining is at the center of attention. But, Mississippi is taking a different approach compared to New York’s two-year ban on crypto mining.