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MetaDAO, the World’s First Decentralized Social Platform, Goes Live on APLink

On September 17, Armonia ecosystem application MetaDAO goes live. As the world’s first DAO social platform based on Web3.0, MetaDAO plays an important role in Armonia Meta Chain ecosystem. It will greatly elevate Armonia’s value in the decentralized social field and drive the overall development of SocialFi industry. Users may enjoy brand new social experience brought by MetaDAO on APLink.

As human’s value exchange activities gradually shift to the field of digital economy, the coordination between distributed communities and stakeholders is becoming increasingly closer, thus a new economic collaboration model and organization structure, DAO, emerges as the times require. Conforming to the globalization trend, Armonia Meta Chain Team launches a new generation of one-stop governance service platform, MetaDAO.

Compared with monotonous categories and dispersed features of current DAO tools on the market, MetaDAO integrates a number of composable and accessible DAO tools, facilitating users to establish multi-level, standardized DAO structures while meeting their needs in interaction, incentive coordination, community governance, etc.

In terms of platform features users prioritize, MetaDAO supports one-click creation of DAO, issue of DAO tokens, and a variety of third-party tools. For example, users can use digital assets (Token) for redpack distribution, DAO knowledge sharing, community communication, etc. The chat module (IM) especially supports peer-to-peer encrypted private chat and group chat through decentralized underlying design. With information and storage only saved in decentralized nodes, it strongly guarantees users’ privacy and security, which marks a great breakthrough in this field.

According to the development roadmap of MetaDAO Team, products such as DAO governance token tool and decentralized Twitter stream will be gradually launched, with DAO treasury management (to facilitate community treasury management) and third-party trading platform (such as Hotpot) to be included. On MetaDAO’s one-stop platform, users no longer need to span multiple governance frameworks and ecosystems, which truly reduces the interactive friction in DAO governance.

The launch of MetaDAO not only marks a new chapter in Armonia’s Web3.0 blueprint, but also introduces a technological revolution to global DAO applications. Looking ahead, MetaDAO will achieve various Metaverse scenes such as Metaverse image NFT and DApp embedding through continuous upgrade, promoting the synthesis of DAO and Metaverse.

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