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Merchants Worldwide Have Started To Accept Payment Through Bitcoin Cash

Over the years, particularly in 2022, Bitcoin cash supporters are spreading its adoption. Massive adoptions are seen this year in the Caribbean Islands, Mumbai, Dubai, and other parts of the world. 

Currently, thousands of merchants provide goods and services for bitcoin cash (BCH). shows a lot of merchants worldwide that accept payment through bitcoin cash. Furthermore, adoption in Dubai, Mumbai, St. Maarten, etc., is very high, which can be seen on bitcoin’s Reddit forum r/btc. 

Similarly, St. Maarten’s member of the parliament, Rolando Brison, requested to get his entire salary in bitcoin cash. Moreover, the trend of bitcoin cash is skyrocketing in St. Maarten as around 160 merchants there accept payments in bitcoin cash. 

Caribeeats provide food and groceries in 15 different countries of the world. Moreover, Caribeeats accepts payments in bitcoin cash and delivers to 15 countries. Barbados, Grenada, the United States of America, Montserrat, Jamaica, etc., are the countries where Caribeeats provides services. 

Similarly, the recent development on bitcoin’s Reddit forum shows that bitcoin cash is gaining popularity in Dubai. X Factor Restaurant, Bermuda Diving Center, Great Work, Tandoori Junction, and Business Village are among the many that accept bitcoin cash. 

Mumbai is the defacto financial hub of India. Hosanna House Montessori School has announced that it will accept bitcoin cash. The announcement was made in May, and since then, the children’s school has been the first Montessori school in India. 

In June 2022, Nahar Medical Center also stated that it would accept bitcoin cash. Paramount Sports n Nutrition, Super Waves, the Haute Dog Pet Salon & Boutique Store, and Copa have revealed that payment through bitcoin cash is available throughout their different branches in India. 

Similarly, in St. Kitts and Nevis, bitcoin cash adoption is increasing with every passing day. Burger Kind St. Kitts and Panda Supermarket accept payment through bitcoin cash. Moreover, there are around 159 merchants that give the option of payment through BCH. 

The Crypto industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. Despite the recent crypto crash, investors are still investing in cryptocurrencies. Numerous countries of the world like Zimbabwe, Ghana, Australia, Philippines, Japan, Antigua, Argentina, and many more have started to use BCH for payment purposes in return for goods and services. 

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