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Mastercard Registers 15 Metaverse and NFT-Related Trademarks

There are 15 NFTs and metaverse-based trademarks that Mastercard has applied for, signalling its ambition to enter the digital economy.

According to a tweet, Mastercard has filed trademark applications for its “Circles” logo and “Priceless” motto. Payment system services, e-commerce transactions, and payments in the metaverse may also be on the company’s agenda.

The Patent and Trademark Office will also grant patents for a wide variety of virtual, cryptographic, and financial goods and services.

The following trademarks are associated with the phrase, logo, and brand name “Mastercard”:

  • Offering services in virtual worlds or the metaverse
  • Organizing cultural events or award presentations in the fields of finance, technology, cryptocurrencies, and non-financial transactions (NFTs) in the metaverse.
  • processing virtual debit/credit cards and payment card transactions for e-commerce.
  • An internet marketplace for non-financial transactions.
  • NFT-authenticated downloadable music and multimedia files

A look at how financial technology companies like Mastercard and Visa are adopting metaverse.

A virtual tour of three reward categories was made available to Mastercard members through an augmented reality app released two years ago. 

The banking behemoth then announced the Start Path Crypto programme, a startup engagement programme committed to researching and solving challenges for individual consumers and organisations across the globe utilising blockchain technology, in December 2021.

Visa’s one-year creator programme will also use NFTs to help small enterprises. Visa said that its primary objective was to choose entrepreneurs in the arts, music, film, and fashion industries and help them grow their commercial operations by entering the NFT market.