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Maruti Suzuki is all Set to Strengthen its Presence in Metaverse with the Launch of ExpoVerse

With the advent of time, Japanese automobile company Maruti Suzuki has also entered the world of Metaverse. Seeing the growing interest in Metaverse, Maruti Suzuki has recently unveiled its Metaverse platform, ExpoVerse, through which customers can now enjoy all of the car’s features from anywhere in the world. 

Customers can enjoy adventurous activities at their own pace on this platform; each customer requires a VR Headset to experience these adventurous moments. Customers’ tastes changed over time, considering that Maruti Suzuki unveiled the Maruti Suzuki ExpoVerse as a promotional strategy to attract more people.

Maruti Suzuki’s Faith in Metaverse? 

This is Maruti Suzuki’s third Metaverse experiment following the success of NexaVerse and ArenaVerse. In ArenaVerse, Maruti Suzuki provided features, including digital interaction and car configuration based on customer preferences. Later, to explore more sales opportunities, Maruti Suzuki introduced another Metaverse platform called ExpoVerse. To make its mission successful, the Japanese company has furnished more than 1100 Maruti Suzuki dealerships across India with virtual reality devices; these devices will allow customers to leverage all the features of the Metaverse platform with a better experience. 

Inspired by the success of Maruti Suzuki, other car manufacturing companies, including Mahindra, followed in their footsteps and introduced their Metaverse platform for a seamless user experience. Additionally, a few famous companies were attracted to the Metaverse technology and invested billions of dollars. If you too want to enter the vibrant digital world of the Metaverse and enjoy augmented and virtual reality, then this Maruti Suzuki ExpoVerse is for you.