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Kristof Schöffling’s Company Move Digital Gets All-In on Metaverse and GameFi!

Move Digital is looking forward to embracing the advancement and implementation of high-end Metaverse and GameFi softwares for their users in 2023. CEO and founder of this longtime blockchain consultancy Kristof Schöffling expects the prevalence of Metaverse gaming worlds, as he’s preparing his company to be ready for this occurrence.


The Reason for this Move

Move Digital has always been an innovator in the lively decentralized gaming space, providing gaming wizards with white label development services and complete support so they can be the stars of the show! Now Schöffling, a blockchain entrepreneur since 2015, is ready to dominate the Metaverse and GameFi space. He believes that the COVID pandemic has sped up the sprint towards virtual worlds where more social or virtual connectivity can be accessed. 

Move Digital will be developing Metaverse and GameFi applications tailored to their customers and help a selection of progressive European family businesses to employ them. Move Digital has been active in the Asia Pacific region, providing technical assistance to tech companies and organizations in Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong to develop and present GameFi applications.

Kristof Creating Strong Ties

Kristof Schöffling has created strong ties with several distinguished family offices located in London, Monaco, and Zurich. They too envision Metaverse and virtual realms as the internet’s next big step, but most of them have very little experience to get things done in this sector.

Kristof Schöffling has reached agreements with these offices to assist them in adapting to the online landscape where Metaverse spaces can become even more widespread.

Move Digital will utilize its expertise and resources to help the offices effectively utilize their shared contribution of millions of dollars in USD capital. In tandem with this, Move Digital will also be releasing their  series of customer-tailored GameFi and Metaverse softwares, which could create possibilities for further collaborations with each of these offices.