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KINGSHIP NFT offers Key Cards for Virtual World Experience

The supergroup, KINGSHIP, signed to 10:22 p.m., will drop an NFT collection containing 10,000 access-enabled Key Cards. The Key Cards will grant collectors access to the group’s virtual environment, including music, immersive experience, and a token-gated community.

As from May 14 at 9 a.m. PT, the Key Cards will be available for minting for individuals registered on the ALLOWLIST, and it will be open to the public on May 16 at 9 a.m. PT. Therefore, holders of NFTs like the Mutant and Bored Ape Yacht Club, SupDucks, Doodles, World of Women etc can register for the allowlist on KINGSHIP’s website beginning today at 9 a.m. PT for 48 hours.

The Supergroup Members

KINGSHIP has four uncommon apes, namely, Hud (mutant ape, guitar, keyboards, vocals), Captain (vocals, bass), Arnell (beats, producer, percussion), and KING (lead vocals). Elaborate information about the Key Cards is available on the supergroup’s website and social media accounts.

“With KINGSHIP, the impossible is possible,” said Celine Joshua, founder of 10:22 p.m. and the creator of KINGSHIP. He stated that the Key Cards do more than just provide mere access to the KINGSHIP world. They also connect fans to new artists and music which is a totally revolutionary idea. In addition, superfans of the uncommon group can also have access to exclusive content, token-gated experiences, and products.

Popular Music Artists

The KINGSHIP crew has rapidly expanded to include Grammy-winning music artists, composers, and producers, renowned NFT collector Jimmy McNelis, aka J1mmy.eth, and famous animator Jack Lanza. Before its debut, the group had become prominent and had more followers than some of the most popular music artists.

The collectable Key Cards show various members of KINGSHIP. They include unique, progressively revealed traits, some of which are more uncommon than others. KINGSHIP is now constructing four Towers on the island, that represent each member of the supergroup. Each member’s Key Card grants access to their own Tower.

Joshua established KINGSHIP, whose Bored Ape characters include the rare Golden Fur and Blue Beams Apes. He recruited the group’s members from McNelis. 10:22 p.m. named Manager Noët All (Bored Ape #5537) as the manager of KINGSHIP in February.