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Kidstopia— Metaverse Platform for Kids Launched by South Korea’s LG Upulus

LG Upulus, a South Korean mobile-based carrier has announced that it will launch a metaverse platform for kids named Kidstopia. The platform is mainly designed for the educational purpose of young children enabling a whole new learning experience for them. 

Details of Kidstopia

Using the metaverse, kids will be able to learn about their subjects in an engaging and interesting way. They will also be able to take assessments and communicate with each other via avatars. Its launch date is not yet disclosed but will take place somewhere at the end of this month. LG Upulus is releasing the beta version of Kidstopia as it is still under development.

Kidstopia is divided into two main areas. One is the Central Plaza and the other is the experiential learning space. Central Plaza is the first step after logging in where kids will be able to communicate with each other through avatars and engage in various fun activities like snowball fights or camping.

On the other hand, experiential learning experience space offers a zoo which includes Dinosaur species from the Mesozoic era and other rare animals. There is a new feature by the name of AI Friend, where children will be able to ask questions through voice command and receive answers in the same way. This may prove to be a good initiative in e-learning and edtech.